Empowering our first responders.

We’re committed to helping global emergency services by pioneering world leading technologies.

When every second counts, you need technology that works

With limited resources, disparate systems and specialised data and security needs, public safety agencies are looking to technology to help improve community preparedness, responsiveness, situational awareness and officer safety.

So with our world-leading technology, we stand shoulder to shoulder with emergency services – whether they’re dealing with fire, flood or cyclones.

We offer technological platforms for services  and we are technological advisers to the emergency services, and to have a whole set of plans that will enable them to be prepared.Here we solve the problem of coordination for frontiers to work with each other during emergency.

Our offering include following:

  • Bring new technologies and innovations and support public safety agencies to realize their projects before time into realities.
  • Provide consulting services to support their programs.
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Expanded, prioritised LTE network access for the emergency services during critical events.
  • Priority access
    Prioritisation of your users during network congestion.
  • Be in the know
    More easily send and receive vital data while on our LTE network.
  • Extensive reach
    Take advantage of the largest 4G mobile coverage area of any mobile network.
  • Simple to set up with the basic option
    All you need is all in one system from us: service, SIM card, plan and approved device.
  • Focus on what’s important
    Peace of mind with a managed service, portal and help desk for support.

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