Goals and measurable ROI of digitalization in mining

It is estimated that mine digitalization could save $373 billion by 2025 raising productivity, reducing waste and keeping our mines safe. But the ROI of digital transformation isn’t traditional. Cross-functional teams work together with industry experts — removing inefficiencies, automating steps in the processes and changing the ways to go from idea to the market. New tools speed up innovation, reducing design cycles and development time. The investment in digital transformation, skilling up employees and collaboration with specialized partners will :

  • Reduce capital cost, minimize risk and keep projects on schedule across the entire value chain
  • Increase level of automation, improve quality, move people away from danger and protect the environment
  • Enable integration of control and monitoring data from multiple sources
  • Guide day-to-day and strategic decisions with real-time and historic data per defined KPIs
  • Quickly resolve and predict unwanted situations using advanced algorithms, modeling, analytics, remote expert assistance

Digital Mining Transformation can help you unite, analyse, and manage your engineering data, processes, and supply chain in an intelligent and efficient way. It can also help you operate with the highest levels of corporate social responsibility.

Helping you connect anything to anything, anywhere

We offer connectivity solutions for the mining, agriculture, transport, energy, aid and NGO and media sectors.Offering 4G LTE based satellite-enabled connectivity services from exploration to mill, globally.We help transform business outcomes at all stages of the mining lifecycle, from exploration to mine, to mill and on to distribution.

Contact our expert mining team to understand how our solutions can help you improve your yields, ensure traceability, support enhanced regulatory compliance and sustainability and improve worker and community safety.

Cognitive Network

Cognitive Network is the next generation of technology being deployed across industries around the globe. The ability for machines to think and act like humans through the analysis of unstructured data will drive true transformation across the mining value chain. The use of artificial intelligence will provide a way for people to interact with technology and create an environment that is self-improving, self-learning, self-healing and self-controlling. In other industries, call centers are already using cognitive networks to answer standard questions from consumers and journalism is being transformed through articles written by cognitive machines.

The barrier to digital transformation is no longer technology but the organizations ability to adapt to an increasingly advanced and changing environment. In mining operations, technology is arguably one of the biggest enablers for people to change processes to drive real value.Digital Transformation in Mining is based on five key pillars: Visualization and Alerts, Analytics and Dynamic Scheduling, Digital Twin, Integrated Automation and Cognitive Network.

Our offering include following:

  • Bring new technologies and innovations and support mining industries to realize their projects before time into realities.
  • Provide consulting services to support their programs.
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Provide Private & Secure Communication Network to manage the confidentiality of enterprise communications and protection for anti wiretapping.

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