These days, many hotels are upgrading from older, more expensive hotel TV systems for cable and satellite television services. In the past, these hotel IPTV systems were useful for guests that wanted to enjoy all of the comforts of home, which included access to their favorite television shows and movies. These days, many of these services are overpriced and even somewhat impractical in what they can deliver in terms of content.

Enter hotel tv system, which can provide television, movies, On Demand content, and even customized content specific to your hotel. All television manufacturing companies, such as Samsung and Sony, have TV models that are completely compatible with IPTV services. In fact, IPTV for hotels streaming can be connected through mobile devices, desktop computers, and more. As an entertainment service alternative, IPTV hotel solution is both more affordable and far more flexible than the competition.

How Does Hotel TV system Work?

RKTPL’s IPTV hotel server acts as software-as-a-service, or SaaS. Through the use of high end middleware, it’s possible to stream television, video on demand, and more, all right through the wireless internet that your hotel or resort already has available. There are several advantages to choosing TV hotel, including:

There’s a wealth of opportunities with hotel tv system, and it’s only getting better. See the difference for yourself by trying IPTV services for your hotel, and you’ll learn just what makes these systems such a unique and exciting boon for hotels and resorts that want to take their television entertainment to the next level.


TV content for every taste
  • Rebroadcasting TV channels from any source – satellites, air or cable networks
  • Streams from CCTV cameras
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Movies and TV shows (VoD)
  • The recorded past TV programs (CatchUP TV)
  • Your own informational or advertising channels

Info services
  • Guest welcome, automatic language selection
  • Guide to the hotel and the surrounding area
  • Total bill for hotel services, including pay TV
  • Messages from administrator, alarm clock
  • Order to the room from the catalog of goods and services
  • Express Check-Out
as well as…

Integration with PMS (Fidelio, Shelter, Edelweiss)

Special menu
for maids

The ability to broadcast
over Wi-Fi

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