Emergency communication, search and rescue system for disaster-hit areas

Because public communication networks are the first casualty in most disasters, first-responders and public safety agencies need a dedicated communication system to be setup and deployed at the site within 6 hours, in order to minimise disaster impact.

RK Telesystem’s emergency communication, search and rescue system is an integrated solution that is perfect for the job. It aids emergency response by providing an independent communication network to first responders, aids in search and rescue by providing mobile location information and connectivity to active mobiles of affected civilian population, and integrates with different legacy radio networks to provide actionable information to authorities seeking a bigger picture. It can be tailored to specific area or country requirements and is designed to work in different scenarios covering natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods and tsunamis, building fires, terrorist attacks, and can even be used for Homeland security applications at large venues.

Typical deployment scenario of GSM Network for Disaster Management Application 

RK Telesystem offers Private GSM Network-in a Box (NIB) that enables individuals to quickly set up voice, data and SMS services anywhere anytime.Available in a backpack also with integrated battery, it offers specialised emergency services like bulk SMS, and helps in geo-location tracking during search and rescue operations also.Multiple Network-in a Box (NIB) can network on a standard IP-interface.Thus, multiple teams can have one GSM Network-in a Box (NIB) each in a single location or a larger team can have multiple GSM Network-in a Box ( NIB) in different locations.

GSM Network-in a Box ( NIB) for Instant GSM Setup anywhere anytime!

GSM Network-in a Box ( NIB)


  • 3GPP compliant – operates on all standard GSM frequency bands and GSM handsets
  • Geo-location services based on GPS and other positioning methods used by supported devices
  • Search and rescue operations such as revealing location of trapped, buried or missing victims by tracking their mobile devices.
  • Emergency services like bulk SMS with emergency advice (eg evacuation instructions) to all mobiles in coverage area.
  • Includes a high-gain antenna and a tripod for extending range during operation Extra battery pack available for longer hours of operation


  • Strengthen emergency response by providing quick mobile communication in areas beyond the reach of public networks.
  • Easily set up temporary mobile communication services in disaster-hit areas until public networks are restored
  • Supports both stationary and on-the-move rescue operations – backpack, vehicle, or helicopter/drone mounted
    Can be set up by anyone – just hand-carry and switch on power for instant mobile service.

The portable and robust wireless network solution helps create a timely network bubble that’s invaluable in times of emergencies like earthquakes, floods, forest fires and suchlike. Each field-deployable GSM NIB unit creates a secure, private and global disaster response network independently or integrating with a Central Controller. The Central Network provides quick and easy communication instantly via connectivity to fixed-line, mobile and IP Networks.

The disaster response network solution enables receiving calls from around the world with an easy link-up to an IP-Backhaul or integration with an IP-BBX, allowing those affected in these areas to get in touch with their families back home, wherever their home may be.

Disaster Management Solutions – Disaster Recovery Van With VSAT

Mobility is a critical requirement for quick and effective response to natural disasters. Our Disaster Recovery Van is a uniquely designed solution for emergency network restoration at disaster sites. The van features an array of state-of-the-art IT and communications equipment. It ensures robust connectivity with VSAT and low-power consuming GSM & Wi-Fi equipment.


Key Highlights:

  • Designed for emergency network restoration at disaster sites
  • Integrated communications system on the move
  • Low-power consuming GSM & Wi-Fi equipment
  • 36X PTZ high definition IP camera
  • Omni antenna for extensive 360-degree coverage
  • High gain panel antenna for Wi-Fi coverage
  • External connectivity with VSAT
  • VSAT based voice and data backhaul
  • LCD panels to monitor real time video feed
  • Hybrid supply to power equipment via solar panel

These portable and easy to use systems cater to emergency services & for rapid deployment of GSM network. Units where the existing GSM  networks are destroyed due to natural calamity such as a hurricane or earthquake, RK Telesystem can quickly set up a reliable communication network which can be used by all agencies working on the site viz. NGO’s / Red Cross / Paramilitary / Army / State Departments / Fire Departments etc.Security Agencies including Police & National Security Groups can use our rapid deployable GSM network for emergencies such as a terror strike. Integrated solution such as this along with a common platform for Voice and Data transmission is the need of the hour felt by most security agencies. Disaster management & field GSM deployments seamlessly working with their private networks is a need that can be met with an integrated solution.

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