Enterprise 4G LTE Network Deployments

Enterprises can take advantage of the features and services offered by a mobile network by operating their own private wireless network. This is a similar concept to PBXs for wired line service, except it is a private mobile wireless network.This provides the enterprise with their own mobile voice, text and data network services.Employees can be completely mobile and no longer tethered to their desks to be productive. In addition to voice and text services,enterprises can use the wireless network for M2M applications such as automation , production monitoring , video surveillance, safety and security, telemetry, and asset tracking.

Enterprise wireless networks can be deployed to support localised 4G LTE nework services , enabling high bandwidth applications such as real-time video streaming or video content distribution to be performed without consuming network backhaul capacity unnecessarily.

Several locations can be connected together to form a single network whereby services and user experience will be transparent across all locations.

4G LTE Captive Network Deployment for Enterprises/Government Organizations and Defense Campuses


  • Private Mobile Network for Enterprises
  • Integrated with existing PBX and  other communications systems
  • Voice, Text , Video and Data Services
  • Enabler for M2M applications for automation,telemetry ,asset tracking etc.
  • Transparent Services available in all Enterprise locations.

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