We offer EMI EMC Training Lab Kit for following testing :

1. Introduction Helmholtz Coil
2. TEM Field generator
4. Probes Set Near field E/H
5. LF Electromagnetic Detector
6. Electrical Fast transient generator
7. EMC Analyser
8. EM Demo Kit
9. Software
10. Emissions reference Source
11. Tips for Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design
12. Measurement techniques and test methods
13. To measure the effectiveness of shielding material.
14. To locate the source of emissions of a PCB track.
15. To demonstrate the use of ferrite as HF suppressor.
16. To measure the induction into conductors.
17. To analyse tracking of currents on a conducting plane.
18. To estimate the cross talk on adjacent tracks in a PCB.
19. To analyse the use of Helmholtz coil for testing magnetic susceptibility.
20. To analyse the use of TEM field generator for testing radiated electric susceptibility of DUT
21. To analyse the use of LISN for testing conducted emissions of DUT
22. Use of a preamp to increase the sensitivity of CRO.
23. Use of an EMC analyzer with antennas for RE testing


  • Pre- Compliance testing
  • Effectiveness of a shielding material
  • Location source of emissions of pcb tracks
  • Effectiveness of a Ferrite as a HF suppressor
  • Measuring induction into conductors
  • Tracking currents on a conducting plane
  • Estimating cross talk on PCB

Software Features

  • Numerous pre-configured project files for CISPR-xx (EN550xx) emission measurements
  • Graph supports two complete measurement runs, same as in test house
  • Fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks, immune to
  • Frequency drift of the selected peaks
  • Configurable limit lines and segment files
  • Configurable correction files for cable, LISN, amplifier, antenna etc.
  • Configurable margins for the identification and selection of critical peaks
  • Supports import and overlaying of reference *measurements for comparison purpose
  • Linear or logarithmic frequency axis
  • automatic creation of test reports
  • Selective measurement of frequency segments
  • RF-coverage measurement mode

List of Components:

  • Near Field Magnetic probe M1
  • Near Field Magnetic probe M2
  • Near Field Magnetic probe M3
  • Near Field Electric probe E1
  • Near Field Electric probe E2
  • Wideband Amplifier
  • Emissions Reference Source1
  • Emissions Reference Source2
  • EMC Analyser cum Spectrum Analyser
  • Reference Logperiodic
  • Ferrite Suppressors
  • LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector
  • EM Demo Kit
  • Antenna
  • Shielded Tent
  • Antenna Magnetic Loop
  • Helmholtz Coil
  • LISN- Line Impedance Stabilization Network
  • TEM Field Generator
  • Software
  • Comb Generator/Frequency Multiplier
  • Radiating Comb Generator
  • Transient Limiter

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