Electronics Passive Components

We are authorized distributor specialist offering passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. RK Telesystem’s extensive product line and supply chain solutions have made the company the distributor of choice for industrial, military, aerospace and consumer electronic manufacturers worldwide.

RK Telesystem’s extensive product line includes: resistors, capacitors, connectors, discrete, potentiometers, trimmers, magnetic and circuit protection components, wire and cable, wire management, identification products, application tools, and electromechanical devices. These products are distributed from a broad line of manufacturers. RK Telesystem strives to be the industry’s preferred information source by offering the latest IP&E technology and market information through the online Market Research Center.

Offerings include:

ResistorsPower Magnetics
Surface Mount ResistorsMiniature Chip Inductors
Wire Wound Power ResistorsFlyback Transformers
Wire wound high current resistorsCurrent Transformers
Wire wound metal oxide resistorsWideband RF Transformers
Carbon & Ceramic Composition ResistorsMil-1553 Bus Transformers
Thick film Power ResistorsISDN Transformers
Heat Sinkable Thick film Power ResistorsCoils
Thick film/High voltage ,Precision ResistorsChokes
Variable Voltage Controls-RheostatCustom Hybrid Transformers
CapacitorsSuper Capacitors
Ceramic Chip CapacitorsHybrid Capacitors
Ceramic LeadedShock Hard Hybrid Capacitors
High Voltage CeramicStud Mount Hybrid Capacitors
Microwave Ceramic CapacitorsPackaged Hybrid Capacitors
Multi-layer Ceramic CapacitorsHybrid Capacitor Banks
Metallized Polycarbonate CapacitorsCapattery
Plastic Film CapacitorsElectro-Mechanical
Polystyrene CapacitorsHigh Precision Potentiometers
Polypropylene CapacitorsSlip Rings
Trimmer CapacitorsMagnetic Heads
Mica CapacitorsEMI/RFI Filters
Electrolytic CapacitorsCustom Slip Rings
Solid Tantalum CapacitorsCustom Potentiometers
Wet Tantalum CapacitorsCustom Capacitor Banks

Our principals can also undertake custom development to meet:

  • Specific characteristics
  • Special package
  • Additional testing specific to the application
  • Supply of components in accordance with MIL-Standards/specifications

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