The future of transportation is here. With fewer carbon emissions, zero air pollution and less noise, electric vehicles don’t just pay off for the environment – they also pay off for you. You can expect lower energy costs, lower total cost of operation, tax advantages and government subsidies if you make the switch.

Bring your breakthrough energy innovations to market faster and more safely with the latest RKTPL’s e-mobility solutions.

Electric vehicle technology is more advanced than you might think. Smart charging networks and solutions make driving an electric vehicle easy and convenient. With some of the latest electric car models on the market, you can easily travel 300-400 km without charging.

We offer e-mobility solutions to both our residential and business customers. International demand for electric mobility is growing every day and with our sustainable and innovative products and services, we offer effective solutions for every market.

Whether you are designing new power electronics to facilitate renewable energy integration, developing technological advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, or engaged in powering home energy management systems, design and test parameters are evolving rapidly in the energy ecosystem.

RKTPL can help you design, test, and manufacture innovative electric vehicles, electronics for renewable energy integration, advancement in battery technology, the rapid development of new electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and charging systems compatibility.

What can we  do for you?

We address your needs

We generate real added value for your enterprise and your customers by applying innovative tailor-made solutions, customised to specific operating regimes and exploitation conditions.

We deliver turn-key solutions

Our product portfolio includes entire eMobility eco-system ranging from electric vehicles to the corresponding charging infrastructure. These are coupled with a number of soft skill sets which include consulting, vehicle intelligent monitoring, fleet size optimisation and others.

We reduce your business’s carbon footprint

We dramatically reduce your carbon footprint through application of latest technological solutions based on electric powered drive trains, which have a remarkably lower impact on environment compared to standard ICE drivetrains.

We maintain your e-fleet

We provide expert technical support to our CEE clients through authorized service network which includes both our own and partner service facilities. We can overhaul and replenish your e-fleet in a timely fashion, regardless of its size, make or age.

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