Architects of Your Digital WorkPlace

In a business environment defined by mobility and hyperconnectivity, RKTPL offers solutions and services designed to meet your specific needs. We understand IT and communications issues that are relevant to your business, and offer customized solutions that contribute to your company’s success.

Our expert engineers provide innovative, scalable, high-value solutions, helping you benefit from a robust and agile architecture and improve your business performance.

Enterprise networking solutions designed to facilitate innovation and improve your performance

Prepare for your digital transformation

With the emergence of new ways of working like telecommuting, videoconferencing, mobility and BYOD, the job of networks has evolved from providing reliable connections to offering simple, open and secure platforms to enable digital transformation. Whatever your company’s goals, you need a network that’s ready to support your transition to the digital era.

Custom-made network solutions

We provide end-to-end network solutions and managed services to customers across a diverse range of industry sectors.

Opt for a highly secure network

Deliver communications, applications and data while enjoying the reliability and security of solutions that are already used in millions of networks worldwide.

An intelligent network for all your connectivity needs

Data and communication networks

Your network is the heart of your communications infrastructure. Deploy solutions for local networks (LANs), WANs, unified communications and enterprise telephony, but also for videoconferencing and collaboration, audiovisual systems and the Internet of Things.

Wireless networks and mobility

Increase your organization’s flexibility and productivity with options like allowing users to work remotely or offering guest WiFi access.


Security is an integral part of all of our network solutions. We deploy smart and intuitive networks based on technologies like SDN (software-defined networking) and SDA (software-defined architecture).

The tools of tomorrow to boost your company’s performance

Listen – Understand – Resolve – Guide

At RKTPL, our mission is to support our customers of all sizes and in all sectors (businesses, governments, service providers, telecom operators) in their digital transformation by helping them to get the best possible value from Unified Communications, videoconferencing, and audiovisual, security and network technologies. We meet your challenges by providing you with first-rate solutions to boost your company’s performance.

In a world that’s constantly changing, we capitalize on our engineers’ wealth of expertise to support our customers from start to finish in their domestic and/or international projects.

Our goal is to provide our customers with proven, high-value solutions. We work closely with our customers, study their needs carefully, and offer custom-made solutions while helping them become more agile and productive.

Proactive customer support

We provide multiple levels of support to help ensure optimal performance for your solutions. From standard support to network support, including help with change management, we monitor your assets in real time through our NOC/SOC (Network & Security Operations Center) to anticipate any incidents that may arise, and resolve them before they affect your users. To request services or inform us of any incidents, you can contact us by phone, by email, or through the RKTPL customer portal. Our customer support service is premium.

Our partner in success

  • High-value strategic partnerships (manufacturers, editors, refinancers). Our policy of forming key partnerships with industry leaders lets us provide our customers with secure, innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Innovation is at the core of our strategic thinking. RKTPL conducts research to anticipate and make the most of new breakthroughs in technology and the ways we use it. We disrupt the market and provide you with Digital WorkPlace to help you scale.
  • Committed to helping our employees thrive. The men and women of RKTPL have access to a wide range of career paths. Through continuous training, they integrate the technological challenges they face every day into their own journey as skilled professionals and human beings.
  • Environmentally responsible. RKTPL offers solutions and services that can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We work to ensure that our solutions incorporate eco-friendly design principles early in the lifecycle, and we’ve established an equipment recycling program for end of life products.
  • Our partners recognize our talent.


Why Choose RKTPL?

Keep costs under control

RKTPL deploys unified networks that help you find the ideal balance between investments and operating costs.

Secure mobility

Give your employees secure access to their workspaces whenever they need it and from any device.

Continuous innovation

We help you take steps today to get a head start on the workflows of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the game and leave your competition in the dust with network solutions designed for your way of working.

Simplified network management

Use data to improve the user experience

RK Telesystem offers solutions that adapt to the needs of your business. You get access to a centralized management platform that lets you transform traffic data into actionable information. Make decisions faster, and manage services and connected devices more easily.

Reduce threats

Manage network vulnerabilities by analyzing traffic within your business. Don’t compromise on your network — stand out from the competition with an agile enterprise network.

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