Visual communication and digital signage

Audiovisual - Digital signage
  • Video walls
  • Event signage
  • IPTV
  • Workspace management
Inform and connect with your audience through a wide range of environments

Digital signage uses images to create new experiences with a powerful visual and auditory impact. Offer highly interactive real-time communication in entrance halls, shops, event locations, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more. The increasing popularity of digital signage offers immense opportunities to improve your visual communications.

Our solutions

Take advantage of a complete range of technologies, software and services to captivate your public. We will help your collaborators master the solution when it comes to management and utilization.

Video walls

Ultra-immersive display solutions

Event and POS signage

Visual communication for events and points of sale

Workspace management

Centralized control solutions for audiovisual systems

Benefits for your business

RKTPL works closely with strategic partners like Samsung, Crestron, Cisco, Sharp and NEC to provide you with innovative and powerful digital signage solutions that are easy to use and look great too.

Our mission is to work with you and for you to develop the perfect solution for your business to capture and keep your employees’ and customers’ interest.

  • Impress viewers with eye-catching focal points.
  • Communicate the right message at the right time.
  • Display your promotions, advertisements and other information in real time.
  • Boost your brand recognition and your image.
  • Manage all types of content remotely with our easy-to-use solutions.

Video walls

Ultra-immersive display solutions for :

Video walls
  • Public signage
  • Commercial signage
  • Business information
  • Rental and event information
  • Control rooms
  • Broadcast studios
Impress your audience with high-quality visual communication

Video walls are built by combining multiple screens together to form one giant screen. They can be used to communicate different kinds of information, but also to promote your products and services or to deploy your business strategy.

We design optimized solutions for control rooms, company lobbies, digital museums, university campuses, meeting rooms, hotels, shops, airports and more…

The digital revolution has radically changed how companies relate to and communicate with their customers. Discover how to make the most of video wall solutions to offer your customers, employees and partners a truly unique experience.

We offer custom technological solutions designed for your spaces, your audience and your content. As you enter the digital age, let us be your guides to make the transition an easy one.

Benefits for your business
  • Promote your company’s image.
  • Communicate the right information at the right time to the right target.
  • Draw attention to your storefronts and increase your visibility.
  • Show off your digital signage in even the most extreme conditions.

RKTPL works with you to develop a dynamic and effective communications solution that’s perfect for your objectives.

Event and POS signage

Dynamic solutions for event and point-of-sale communications

Event and POS signage
  • Screens
  • Totems
  • Control rooms
  • Tablets
Make contact with your audience and pique their interest with customized solutions

Whether it’s a professional event, a business conference or a cultural event, RK Telesystem offers simple, modern and interactive solutions for event and POS signage to help you make a great impression.

Influence key moments in the customer journey with point-of-sale advertising that fits your customers’ interests.
Benefits for your business
  • Adopt an agile digital strategy and share up-to-date content at all times.
  • Create, display and manage your content easily and in accordance with your needs.
  • Design a customized and seamless experience to maximize buyers’ interest.
  • Organize your point of sale to reflect consumer expectations. Attract their attention and increase your sales.
  • Stand out from the competition with custom-built solutions.

As technology continues to advance, your customers, partners and employees are becoming more demanding. Use dynamic signage to create innovative experiences and make a good impression.

Manage your collaborative workspaces effectively
Make your meeting rooms easier to use and increase their occupancy rates

We install room reservation systems with touchscreens at the entrance to each workspace, so you can see at a glance whether a given space is reserved or available.

Reserve rooms easily

Use your email client to select the most appropriate room for the meeting you’re planning.

Easily monitor and supervise your audiovisual systems
Customize your workspaces

Customize your collaborative spaces by setting the lighting and temperature just the way you like them.

Manage and plan how all your assets are used

Centralized control of your videoconferencing system and all of your collaborative work tools.

Keep an eye on all your devices

Your monitoring tool lets you check the status of your entire system.

Reduce costs

Optimize utilization of your meeting rooms.

The power of paperless meetings
The world is your meeting room

Project your presentations with the push of a button, and let participants view and interact with you on a variety of platforms.

Make your meetings interactive

Make and share notes. Let other participants take the lead with the interactive whiteboard (IWB) – they can add their notes to shared documents from their computer, tablet, smartphone or IWB.

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