What is Convergent Billing?

Assume an operator is providing different services mobile voice, fixed voice, data, IPTV, broadband, pre-paid, and post-paid, etc. A customer can have one or more of these services from the same operator. A typical customer would definitely like to have single invoice and single view of his account.

A convergent billing is the integration of all service charges onto a single customer invoice and a unified view of the customer. Customer should call a call center and should get complete account information for all the services opted. Customer receives a single bill and makes a single payment for all the services.

A truly Convergent Billing System should be able to consolidate any number and combination of products and services onto a single bill, regardless of the type of product and market segment, i.e., prepaid and postpaid services.

Another important parameter contributing in convergent billing is a single product and price catalogue for pre-paid as well as post-paid customers.

Benefits of Convergent Billing

Convergent billing would help operators in achieving the following major benefits −

  • Single product and service catalogue gives better time to market and reduced cost of implementation.
  • A unified bill enables cross-service discounts, so that customers who order multiple services can receive preferential pricing.
  • Convergent billing enables multi-service packaging and pricing, whereby existing customers are enticed to add new services and new customers are attracted by innovative service bundles.
  • Centralized customer care and support for both type of customers ( pre-paid and post-paid).

CSP, network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP), MVNO/MVNE, and wholesale carriers rely on our telecom billing software to launch, price, provision, and manage various prepaid, postpaid, retail and wholesale communication services. Those services include voice and video calls, IP Centrex/Hosted IP PBX, IPTV and VoD, residential VoIP, CLEC type services, WiFi, LTE, M2M/IoT, and many more.

Our Offering:

RK Telesystem offers a comprehensive billing solution for mobile telecom providers.It is built bottom-up approach
with each component built in a modular fashion and to scale as needed.The platform supports various features required for operating a mobile network with ease. It supports both administration and user services required for network operation.The UI and core of the platform is loosely coupled to accommodate customization and extensibility for the clients. The platform interops with all network core elements that support standard converged
networks billing standards. It also supports high availability both active-active mode or active-passive mode.

Simple Interface:

Our billing platform provides simple GUI interface for both administrators and mobile users. It provides a self service portal for users to check user balance, recharge balance , check activity etc.On administration front it provides interface to all standard managements modules like users, subscriptions, invoices, vouchers etc. In addition it also provides important metrics that would enable planning of operational tasks.

It is built in a modular fashion with non-blocking interfaces between modules. The non-blocking nature of interfaces enables the platform to scale up to 1 million subscribers. At the same time, the functionality distribution between modules is fully independent minimalizing the interaction between the modules. This helps the performance of the platform to minimize latency of service etc.

Modular Architecture:

The modular architecture of our billing platform makes it easy to scale horizontally to cater up to millions of subscribers. The distribution of billing and OCS functionality across servers makes it convenient for software upgrade, high availability etc. The architecture is flexible enough to accommodate both centralized database model or multiple databases with synchronization.

Standards and interoperability:

The interfaces like Gx and Gy supported by Arya bill are according to latest standards. The platform already inter-ops with major mobile network element vendors. The platform can also easily accommodate any vendor specific extensions required with these interfaces.


A minimum of 2 servers, for basic redundancy is required to run billing and OCS modules. With 1+1 redundancy, 4 servers are required. The suggested hardware configuration to run 2 million subscribers efficiently is:
– Intel E5(dual or single), up to 20 cores
– 256GB DDR4 RAM
– Storage SSD 2 TB

Key Features:

  • Support For Voice, Data And Fixed-Line Subscriptions.
  • Support For Both Prepaid And Postpaid Subscription Models.
  • Plan Management For Voice, Sms, Data And Fixed-Line With Variable Slabs Of Service.
  • Plan Management Supports Variable Service-Based Pricing For Roaming Etc.
  • Plan Management For Data With Service Limits And Fup Provisioning Etc.
  • Subscriber Notifications For Charging Events Like Top-Up, Fup, Vas And Plan Expiration Etc.
  • Support For User Portal To Check For Service Balance And Usage Etc.
  • Support For Pushing Oma Ott Messages Via Sms To Subscribers.
  • Inventory Management For Devices With Imisis/Serial Numbers.
  • Msisdn Pool Management With Automatic Allocation Scheme Etc.
  • Support For Plan Bundling With Multiple Services Like Data, Voice, Sms, Fixed-Line Etc.
  • Support For Value Added Service(Vas) Providers To Self-Manage The Services.
  • Support For Reseller Management With Credit System And Commission For Subscription Signup.
  • Supports 3gpp Standard Ocf Interface(Gy) For Charging.
  • Integrated Radius And Diameter Support For Fixed Line Subscription Authorization Or Authentication.
  • Address Pool Support For Address Allocation With Radius, Diameter And Dhcp.
  • Top-Up Voucher Management For Supporting Third-Party Payment Portals And Kiosks
  • Secure Rest Apis For Top-Ups For Resellers And Payments Kiosks.
  • Monthly And Daily Reports For Top-Ups From Reseller And Third-Party Portals.
  • Supports All 3gpp Standard Cdrs Sgw-Cdr And Pgw-Cdr.
  • Supports 3gpp Standard Pcrf Interface(Gx) For Policy Based Forwarding.
  • Integrated With Major Network Core Element Vendors, Ex: Proprietary Hss Interface Etc.
  • Architecture Is Capable Of Horizontal Scaling, Can Support Upto 1 Million Subscriptions.
  • Easy Integration Of Email And Sms For Subscriber Notification.
  • Support For Dynamic Provisioning Of Ott Services Using Top-Ups.
  • Support For Promotional Percentage/Value Based Top-Ups.
  • Monthly, Quarterly And Annual Invoice Generation Support For Postpaid Subscribers.
  • Third-Party Payment Integrations For Invoice Payments.
  • Configurable Role-Based Administration Access/Permissions For Operators And Resellers.
  • Bulk Notification Support For Emailing Promotions And Broadcasts.
  • Event And Error Logging For Operational Tracking Etc.
  • All Kinds Of Daily And Monthly Reports For Planning And Operational Tasks.
  • Graph Representation Of Metrics For Analyzing And Planning Tasks.
  • Troubleshooting Support For Msisdns To Trace And Analyze Charging Based Events.
  • Support For Help Desk Tickets Via User And Administration Portals.
  • Support For Daily/Monthly Help Desk Ticket Summary Alerts Via Email.
  • Support For Operational Alerts Via Email And Sms.
  • Support For Searching Through Event Logs And Error Logs For Operational Tasks.
  • Active Monitoring Of All Modules And Real-Time Alerting Via Sms And Email.

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