Traditional billing systems are tied to individual technologies which requires custom changes every time new technologies or new services are to be launched. This ‘stove-piped’ approach hinders Service Providers from quickly adapting to their evolving networks and to changing customer needs resulting to lost opportunities and additional costs. Service Providers also does not get to see the whole customer picture to be able to gain actionable customer insights.

Most operators nowadays offers multitude of services such as traditional voice, messaging, broadband Internet access, multi-media contents and video services. Customers want to purchase many of these services from a single provider  and wants all services invoiced on a single consolidated bill or charged to a single prepaid account.  Receiving a unified bill  or getting charged to a single prepaid account simplifies processing and payment for the customer and enables cross-service discounts, special bundles and preferential pricing.

RKTPL billing solutions expertise in network technologies and full understanding of billing operational pain points offers a true Convergent Billing Solution that can support any line of business (voice, data, content, video, cable, satellite, fixed, mobile) for both prepaid and postpaid.


Supports both pre-paid and post-paid modes in a single solution.
Highly flexible to support current and future billing requirements.
A true convergent and real-time solution.
Open-architecture for easy integration into external support systems.


Helps Service Providers rollout of new service offerings quickly.
Improves operational efficiency and reduces operational cost.
Allows Service Providers to offer innovative packages that would suits individual customer’s preferences.

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