Thousands of small, remote islands are in urgent need of affordable telecommunication services. These islands have little population, no/unreliable electrical grids, huge infrastructure bottlenecks and low levels of income. Our GSM solution helps deliver affordable mobile and broadband connectivity to connect such remote locations with the rest of the world.

Key Highlights

  • Low power consumption
  • Low OPEX & CAPEX
  • Compact and complete
  • Seamless GSM and broadband coverage
  • Solar-powered; Optimized for remote islands
  • No air-conditioning required
  • No skilled technician required
  • Efficient network architecture
  • Local switching

Our GSM solutions enables local calls between islands to route within the local system instead of sending them back to a switch on the mainland.Our network solution requires no connectivity to satellite or under-sea cable, bringing infrastructure costs down significantly.

RK Telesystem easily integrates with satellite, VoIP, and fixed line service providers. Through its all-IP approach, it offers backhaul connectivity to the service provider’s network in the mainland, enabling residents to set up an affordable, private network solution for their island.

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