RK Telesystem offers a portable, standalone, local area network based 2G  GSM cellular technology on vessels/cruise ships at sea. It is capable of operating standalone GSM Network on board and/or it can be backhauled over satellite to connect rest of the world at sea.

Embrace mobile habits to reach operational excellence, new revenue opportunities and cost savings at sea

RK Telesystem Network deployed on board is virtually seamless and it can be connected with any global cellular networks.The seafarer can make and/or receive calls and text messages, anytime anywhere in deep ocean water at very low cost compare to transitional approach.

These segments of customer need quick deployment of complete networks with satellite / UHF / VHF back haul where RK Telesystem has an ideal solution to deploy GSM network via satellite.Ships on high seas, and when they are docked could use RK Telesystem Solutions to stay connected over satellite or through wireless IP interface with local Telco under roaming agreements.

GSM Coverage to Marines in Deep Sea & GSM Coverage for Coast Guard

Marine GSM solution from RK Telesystem is a secure, lightweight,rapidly deployable digital wireless network. This state-of-the-art integrated system delivers a variety of interfaces to seamlessly interoperate with commercial VoIP, PBX, PSTN and mobile networks.The 3GPP based marine GSM is hardened to survive transportation and the extremes of all operational environments. The entire system is configured to consume extremely low power, is highly portable, and delivers without compromise.Marine GSM solution will provide passengers and crew with reliable, guaranteed, good quality voice along with SMS and broad band data service while at sea.

Benefits of the RK Telesystem network are numerous , but most importantly it greatly enhances the quality of life on board by providing mobility on board for officers and Crew members. Easy contact with those on land via the familiar means of their mobile handsets is leading to greater satisfaction amongst crew members and increased staff retention of RK Telesystem’s 2G  GSM communication  network enabled ships.

System Features:

  • Voice, SMS/text, data services on board the ships
  • mobile coverage on board( indoor/outdoor) at sea
  • SMS/Text to individual , group or broadcast via Web GUI
  • Easy integration with any external networks
  • Easy integration with existing communication system available on board
RK Telesystem offers a smart cellular network on cruise ships/vessels  that has great coverage inside the ship. It allows you to support passengers’ digital lifestyle and connect with them before, during and after their trip with you.

RK Telesystem gives you the best mobile experience at sea, and enhance lifestyle on board.

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