Cable TV is a TV streaming system when radio-frequency signal is transmitted via coaxial cable or optic fiber.

Service in details

This technology is popular in many countries as it ensures Pay TV delivery to subscribers with significant efficiency and cost benefits.

Cable TV operators aim to increase the number of TV channels without compromising video quality.

Statistical multiplexing is the best choice, it enables video compression while supporting the link between compression and multiplexing parameters in real-time mode.

Our advantages

RKTPL offers a unique solution to cable TV operators based on innovative technology of statistical indicators control.

Solution designed by RKTPL may be easily integrated into existing network and cable infrastructure and ensure significant increase in the number of broadcast TV channels.

Benefits it brings:

  1. Ultra-compression without quality deterioration
  2. Reliable monitoring system
  3. Comprehensive signal control during complex streaming
  4. Statistical indicators control technology
  5. Dynamic capacity distribution among different data transmission services based on dynamics and complexity of streamed video
  6. Increase in the number of value-added features within a streaming session available due to lower network capacity requirements
  7. Flexible reliability margin

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