Avionics & Ground Space System

We represent some of the leading manufacturers in this field and are able to offer standard products as well as turnkey solutions for Airborne, ship borne, satellite ground/space and control centre applications.

Our product our product includes Telemetry Systems for Flight tests in Military and ground/Space segment. We also provide a wide range of Amplifiers, Frequency Converters, Acoustic, Antenna & Control systems. Our products are sourced from USA and Europe.

We also provide specialized after after-sales support for the entire range of our products through a team of Trained Custom support Engineer(CSD).

The Product overview & offering includes

Power Amplifiers Acoustic Products
Low Noise Amplifiers Fighter Aircraft Helmets
Solid State Power Amplifier Helicopter Helmets
SMT Multi-Octave & Wide band Amplifiers Battle Tank Helmets
Universal SMT Octave Amplifiers Infantry Helmets
Universal SMT Narrow band Amplifiers ANR Headset
True Surface Mount Amplifiers Field Intercoms
TWT Amplifier Microphone
Pulsed Power Amplifiers Loudspeaker
Narrow/Broadband Power Amplifiers Telephone switching network Army
Dual AGC Video Amplifier System Satcom/Satellite Ground Station-Systems:
Dual Video Amplifier RF Switching Matrix
Triple Video Amplifier Up Converters – L, S, C, Ext.C, X, Ku, Ka
Airborne Video Amplifier Down Converters – L, S, C, Ext.C, X, Ku, Ka
Redundant LNA Assembly Block Up Converters
Telemetry Systems Block Down Converters
TT & C Processor Beacon Tracking Receivers
Integrated Base band systems C Band Transmitter
Telemetry Receivers MMDS Transmitter
Tracking Receivers S Band Transmitter
FM Video Transmitters Antenna & Control Products
FM Video Receivers Antenna Control Units
Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems Hand Held Manual Control Unit
Flight Test Telemetry Systems Analog Antenna Control Unit
Bit Synchronizer Digital Antenna Control Unit
Frame Synchronizer Feeds
Data Acquisition Software Single Axis Single Channel Monopulse
Modulato Dual Axis Single Channel Monopulse
Demodulators Conically Scanning Feed
Noise Generators Acquisition Aid Antennas
Data/Video Recorders Single Axis
Compact High Density Data Recorders Low Gain Dual Axis
Multi-Channel Video Data Recorders Medium Gain Dual Axis
Mass Storage Systems High Gain Dual Axis
Cartridge and Solid State Disk Memory type Telemetry Antenna Systems

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