Providing LTE solutions for Wireless ISP’s (WISPs), Telcos, and Private Enterprises.

RKTPL offers end-to-end LTE solutions to operators and enterprises, enabling them to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services.

Taking your network forward
  • Dual mode technology – Our solutions allow operators to protect their current equipment investments, moving to LTE at a pace of their own choosing – without disrupting service continuity.
  • Reduced costs & impressive ROI – Our base stations reduce OPEX and CAPEX by combining a small form factor size, macro cell performance, easy installation and low power consumption.
  • Proven, end-to-end solutions – Our base stations and CPEs enable a practical and cost-effective plan for LTE, supporting higher capacity and coverage networks.
  • Purpose-built for challenging environments – Our base stations are the best on the market at addressing NLOS challenges, as well as many others, such as low density markets.
  • More capacity, throughput, efficiency – With our Dual Carrier/Dual Sector feature and carrier aggregation, RKTPL now delivers the highest mix of capacity and efficiency.
  • Superior quality & longer tower life – Our Software Defined Radios (SDR) allow for feature and technology upgrades to be done with a software-only upload, elongating the product life on the tower by years, and eliminating repetitive truck-rollouts and equipment replacements.

An affordable, eco-friendly LTE solution

RKTPL can help build your LTE network. Our solutions enable unique capabilities that address real field requirements, such as using LTE for fixed applications or Fixed and Mobile Convergence.

We build our base stations to be eco-friendly with low power consumption and a small footprint. We specialize in designing base stations/eNodeBs that are compact, packing extreme functionality into an all-in-one, all-outdoor, easy-to-install unit.

Our LTE solutions are both efficient and affordable, and backed by a commitment to providing superior customer service and support. Our  team is working to advance your wireless needs while meeting your LTE needs today — and in the future.

Are dense trees or barriers obstructing your network?

Tired of losing customers to challenging Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) issues? RKTPL’s high-powered base stations can help you overcome these connectivity challenges that most vendors fail to address. It’s not magic; it’s just revolutionary performance and the brute computational horsepower of COMPACT’s state-of-the-art, multi-core processors and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

RKTPL’s wireless solutions empower providers with the ability to solve complex communication challenges. Employing RKTPL’s solutions helps to build seamless, pervasive connectivity, delivering on the promise of superior service and support for all your needs.

Carrier Aggregation & MU-MIMO



Multi-User Multiple inputs, Multiple Outputs – MU-MIMO (4×4)

MU-MIMO makes use of multiple antennas to improve reliability, spectral efficiency, and spatial separation of users. The use of the antennas and beamforming technology, an operator can make use of the same spectrum to serve multiple users simultaneously. The MU-MIMO feature works with all existing CPE. The software upgrade enables operators to quickly add sector capacity without the addition of spectrum, base station hardware, a truck roll or other expensive deployment costs. Add 40% or even 70% capacity to your existing sectors, helping you add subscribers, reduce costs and drive up revenues.

Benefits of MU-MIMO

  • Adds sector capacity with NO Additional Spectrum
  • A fraction of the cost of sector splitting (and far less disruptive)
  • More cost-effective capacity than adding an additional eNodeB (if spectrum was available)
  • No Truck Roll
  • Works with existing CPE
  • Improves sector ROI – subscribers added at a lower cost/sub

Carrier Aggregation

Carrier Aggregation allows operators to combine two carriers (in the same or different frequency band) into one data channel thereby increasing the peak user data rates and overall capacity of the network and to exploit fragmented spectrum allocations. The Carrier Aggregation feature is a software upgrade which is cost-effective and requires no truck roll. It concatenates two channels into one, doubling sector capacity. The feature works with a mix of CPE (e.g. Cat 4 and Cat 6 in the same sector). Adding this feature opens up opportunities for new revenues, higher share per tower and increased competitiveness.

Benefits of Carrier Aggregation

  • Market higher peak rates, especially important in a competitive environment
  • Enables more aggressive marketing of mid and high tier offers
  • Doubles sector capacity – increase subs/sector at a lower cost/sub add
  • Better sector ROI
  • Doubles throughput speed (Peak Rate)
  • Deploys in under an hour on a per-sector basis

WiMax to LTE Migration

We have an extensive 4G product line that will reliably extend the life of your network, helping you carve a smarter path to LTE. With years of experience in deploying wireless technology around the world, RKTPL brings extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to every customer interaction, extending our dedication to each partnership – with your long-term future success in mind.

Eliminate LTE Uncertainty

  • Proven, end-to-end solutions – Our dual mode base stations and CPEs enable a practical and cost-effective path for upgrading your existing WiMAX network to LTE (via SW upgrade).
  • Dual mode technology – Our solutions allow operators to protect their current equipment investments, moving to LTE at a pace of their own choosing – without disrupting service continuity.
  • Reduced costs – Our base stations reduce OPEX and CAPEX by combining a small form factor size, macro cell performance, easy installation and low power consumption.

Small & rugged all-outdoor, high-capacity LTE base station

  • Unique Software Defined Radio (SDR) – supporting 16e, LTE & LTE-Advanced
  • Best TCO with outdoor CPEs in Rural / sub-urban deployment or dense urban indoor scenarios
  • Superior NLOS (No Line of Sight) using best in class 4TX x 4RX Radio
  • “Network-in-a-box” with (Embedded EPC)
  • Carrier aggregation
  • Multi-User MIMO
  • 4×4 MIMO
  • Dual Sector
  • Embedded EPC
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • DCS (for unlicensed bands)

Operational Highlights

  • All-in-one modem and radio, in a single box
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) 16e, LTE & LTE-Advanced
  • TD-LTE Bands 42,43
  • Unlicensed Bands 5.x GHz & 3.65 GHz (US)
  • 4Tx4Rx Radio; 2×2 radio configuration available for low-population areas
  • Flexible mounting: rooftops, walls & poles
  • Diverse external & attached antenna support
  • Low power consumption

LTE EPC gateway portfolio to target various Broadband Wireless Access business scenarios – service providers (B2B and B2C), industrial entities, and governmental networks. RKTPL’s “LTE-in-a-Box” products comprising MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, PCRF and other core functionalities, offering full control and management of the entire wireless network. RKTPL serves networks of all sizes, and can easily be scaled from a network of only a small number of subscribers up to tens of thousands of customers.

Contact us to help you unify your cellular network infrastructure to deliver quality end-user experiences for all coverage or capacity use cases: low density/high density, indoors or public safety 4G/LTE made possible by virtualization, abstraction, and automation to empower you to be profitable despite margin pressure for 2G/3G/4G and 5G.

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