We offer end-to-end 4G LTE  Mobile Network solution that leverage 2G/3G expertise and interoperability experience to help operators achieve their 4G goals.Our 4G LTE  solutions enable scalable deployment and growth options for customers and provide unique deployment opportunities to capture new customers.

We focus on supporting  following four key market segments:

  • Small Carriers ( for Islands , Small country etc.)
  • Hard-to-Reach, Remote Areas ( for Rural and Remote Community , Hill Station , Mountains , Sea etc.)
  • Private & Enterprise Networks (  for Oil & Gag , defense campuses , large unconnected campuses , paramilitary forces )
  • Emergency Communications ( for public safety , disaster management and support frontiers )

Our 4G LTE Network Products

  • EPC Platform
    – Supports 4G LTE EPC network nodes
  • HSS, MME, S-GW, PDN-GW functions
    – Scalable deployment options for variety of unique deployment scenarios
  • eNodeB – 4G LTE RAN
    – Designed for low and efficient power consumption
    – Includes intelligence for optional survivability / stand-alone operation
    – Supports local data connectivity for offload applications
  • IMS– IP Multimedia Subsystem is a standalone system. It resides out of the LTE network and connected to PDN Gateway through SGi interface. The first one is Mobility Management Entity (MME). MME is the single most control point in the EPC and responsible for most of the control plane functions.

Carrier Solutions for 4G LTE

  • Scalable EPC platform capacity from low to high capacity
    – Easy to deploy server based architecture
    – Deploy gateways near local content or Internet access
  • Support for easy integration with legacy 2G/3G networks
  • Connect eNodeB’s using all types of backhaul transmission
  • Remote EPC optoin enables local breakout option for data offload

New Network Operators

  • Simplify network deployment
  • Single network for Voice, Text & Data services
  • Leverage 2G/3G network roaming for outbound roaming
    – 2G/3G GSM & CDMA MSC / HLR network equipment
    – Support for MAP interfaces using SS7/SIGTRAN interfaces

Hard to Reach / Remote LTE

  • 4G LTE deployments with challenging backhaul transmission, eg. satellite
  • Use power management features for areas with limited power source
  • Remote EPC supports access to local connectivity & optional local voice services

Enterprise/Private Network Offload

  • Enable data off-load for enterprise specific applications and services
    – Internet of Things + M2M data traffic
    – Remote monitoring, surveillance video, telemetry, SCADA, automation
    – Unified communications, use video to extend access to technical expertise
  • Support local mobile voice services & enterprise communications integration
    – Policies for enterprise devices to support local connectivity

RKTPL’s LTE Solution Advantages

  • Lower TCO with scalable & distributed architecture
    – Capacity deployed & licensed as traffic & network capacity increases
    – OPEX savings when network elements deployed to optimize backhaul
    – Distributed Serving/PDN Gateway capabilities
  • For Existing Customers, smooth migration from CDMA/GSM/WiMax All-IP network into 4G LTE
    – Overlay deployment; 4G LTE to enhance data capacity
    – Homogeneous EVDO/EDGE-LTE internetworking
    – Common network element management system
  • New Opportunities for New Operators and Existing Operators
    – Integrated voice, data, texting platform
    – Support remote / rural 4G LTE connectivity
    – Enterprise or Campus based 4G LTE access with local connectivity/breakout
  • Strong Network Engineering team to work with customers
    – Responsible for end-to-end LTE solution delivery
    – Can assist customers in backhaul design and engineering

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