Wireless ptp, ptmp, and broadband mobility solutions

Wireless ptp, ptmp, and broadband mobility solutions

RK Telesystem provides a full suite of wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and broadband mobility solutions, powering applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, and video surveillance transmission, as well as wireless broadband in motion for trains, vehicles, and vessels.

Carrier Grade Radio System

TDM & Ethernet Over a Single Wireless Link Multiple Data Rate Options (2/5/18/50/100 Mbps)
License Exempt Frequency Options (2.4 and 5.8 GHz

 ODU with Integrated Antenna and IDU

This platform deploys reliable, high-speed & secure wireless connections between multiple remote locations through high-capacity Point-to-Point and Point to Multipoint links. Available in a number of license-exempt frequency bands and configurations, it covers a distance of up to 40 km.It incorporates the latest technologies such as MIMO, OFDM and Diversity bundled with proprietary protocols.The solution
ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime. The solutions can also be installed in a Multiple Point-to-Point architecture; multiple units are deployed on
the same tower, from where they provide a dedicated high-capacity connection to each remote site. The solution is available in Multiple Data Rate Options:
2/5/18/50/100 Mbps.



IP and Cellular Application: Solution enables cost effective TDM/IP backhaul suitable for cellular operators providing high bandwidth and enabling seamless migration from TDM to IP networks.

Enterprise Networking: Allows enterprises to connect multiple remote locations to headquarters and network amongst themselves.

Broadband Access: Carrier class solution delivers high capacity, dedicated bandwidth to end users. It provides a fast and cost effective solutions for ISP providers to connect end customer premises (last mile) to the ISP network.
24/7 Video Surveillance: Allows Carrier Class 24/7 LIVE high quality Video Streaming from remote camera locations to central monitoring control rooms.

Remotely Managed Hot Standby 1+1 Support: Carrier Grade Solution available with remotely managed hot and standby link.Secondary link is used to backup the primary in case of equipment failure or loss of wireless connectivity.

Mining Areas:Broadband connectivity is drastically improving operational efficiency and productivity at mining sites.
our broadband wireless connectivity meets all surface mine connectivity needs.

Carrier Grade High Capacity Wireless Broadband IP Radio


This platform deploys reliable and secure high-speed wireless IP connections between multiple remote locations. Available in multiple frequency bands and configurations, it covers a distance of more than 100 kms.Wireless Broadband IP Radio Modem incorporates the latest technologies such as OFDM.The Carrier Grade Solution ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime.
Wireless Broadband IP Radio can be configured to work in multiple deployment modes i.e. Point-to-Point, Multiple-Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint. When deployed as Point-to- Multipoint Base Station, Wireless Broadband IP Radio can inter work with series subscriber units.

IP Radios can be used in various applications like

  • Last Mile Access to provide internet connectivity for broadband services. It can also be used in enterprises like mines, offshore fields, hospitals, hotels,universities etc.
  • Backhaul connectivity in LTE deployments particularly in rural and remote areas.
  • Public safety agencies like for emergency response, where time to provide services with minimum infrastructure dependencies is the key.


  • Optimized Transmission Cost: Control your transmission cost by avoiding the need to use fiber and leased lines. Significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Rapid Deployment: This solution is provided as a Plug and Play solution for rapid deployment. Dismantling and redeployment of the unit is speedy as well.
  • Maximum Service Availability: Wireless Broadband IP Radio offers 1+1 redundancy thus offering maximum service availability.
  • Single Integrated Voice and Data Solution: Can connect routers via ethernet to provide a Single Voice & Data Link for customers. The revenue generating potential for this application is immense.
  • All Weather Reliability: Our system is outdoor capable and rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Type Outdoor
Link Topology Point-to-Point, Multiple-Point-to-Point
(Only in Sync Enabled Hardware),
Point-to-Multipoint Subscriber Unit
Frequency Bands 2.4 – 2.5 GHz / 5.125 – 5.875 GHz
Channel Bandwidth 5/10/20/40 MHz
RF Output (dBm) Up to 25 dbm (Configurable)
Rx Sensitivity (dBm)
2.4/5.8 GHz
BPSK: -89
QPSK: -87
16QAM: -82
64QAM: -74
Data Rate Aggregate User throughput of Up to
200 Mbps
Latency 4 msec (Typical)
Duplex Technique TDD
Dimension (H x W x D) in
275 x 135 x 75 (With External Antenna)
370 x 370 x 80 (With Integrated
Weight (Kg) With Integrated Antenna: 3.0
Without Antenna: 1.3

Modulation OFDM – BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
Encryption AES 128
Authentication MAC Address Control List, SSID
Adaptive Coding &
Automatic Channel
Site Synchronization Supported with Sync Option Model
Bridging Self-Learning Up to 2047 MAC
Addresses IEEE 802.1Q
Maximum Frame Size 1536 bytes
VLAN 802.1Q, QinQ Tagging
QoS IP ToS Based, Four Priorities, SP
Management VLAN Supported
IP/MAC Filtering Supported
DFS Supported
Installation and
Maintenance Tools
Built in RF Analyzer, Ethernet Test
Tool, Ping Test, Buzzer for Alignment

Power Supply 48 V through PoE
Max Power Consumption 12 W

Type 10/100BaseT with Auto-Negotiation
(IEEE 802.3u)
Framing/Coding IEEE 802.3
Number of Ports With Sync: 1 PoE and 1 Sync
Without Sync: 1 PoE and 1FE
Connector RJ-45
Antenna Port N-Type (Only for Unit with External
Antenna Option)
Polarization Dual
Frequency Band 2.4 – 2.5 GHz 5.125 – 5.875 GHz
Integrated Antenna Gain 19 dBi 23 dBi
Beam Width 20° (Typical) 8° (Typical)


Management Interface SSH, Web Server and SNMP
Firmware Upgrade Local & Remote
Network Management Centralized Management using OMC
Water & Dust Protection IP66
Operating Temperature -20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F)
Humidity Up to 95% (Non-Condensing)
RADIO (FCC : 47CFR) Part 15, Subpart C
C&B (IC) RSS-210
SAFETY (TUV) 60950, According to UL 60950
SAFETY (CAN-CSA) C22.2 No. 60950

Highest wireless broadband capacity for trains, vehicles & vessels on the move

Transportation Base Station (TBS)

5Km range
MIMO 3×3
Railway Certified

Transportation Mobile Unit (TMU)

MIMO 3×3
Seamless Handover
Railway Certified