Virtual  Classroom

Welcome to  join  Digital  e-learning  platform.It is an innovative e-Learning program which provides excellent learning content on PC, Tablet and Mobile for School/Board and Other Competitive Exams.
Our Distance Learning Programs prepare the students in advance by imparting qualitative and meticulously designed study material that helps them comprehend the fundamentals.Break free from your local average tuitions and from the constraints of lack of good study material – get here high-quality lectures and study material right on your fingertips.Our online Virtual classroom course is one-stop solution provider for JEE, AIPMT, NTSE, Olympiads, UPSC, PSC & Other Entrance Exams which has won the trust of thousands of people making us a unique brand.   

Extend the Classroom experience ONLINE

   Six way audio-video

  Breakout Rooms

    Polls in a Class

    Free hand writing

    Multilingual Support

    Live text chat

    Desktop sharing

   Teacher-managed controls

    Student-attendance report

    Record your Session

    Streamline registration and scheduling

   Collaborate and share effortlessly

  Distribute course materials

    Encourage small-group interaction

   See your test results,attendance reports & evaluations

Your Own Mobile App for iOS and Android

For learning-on-the-go

    Responsive design

Content will rearrange itself for the tablet and mobile views.


            Flexibility to build your own Custom app to fit your brand.

      Effective engagement

Join live classes,watch recordings,access courses & assignments

Designed for Teaching & Training

      Course Management for self-paced, live or blended courses

       CDN powered,Cloud-based content library to store & share files

       Virtual Classroom for video/audio communication, screen  sharing

       Secure video streaming and hosting

    Test & assessment with advanced customization and scheduling

      Interactive whiteboard to write text, math equations, diagrams, etc.

       Reports & Analytics for 360 degree actionable insight

      Rapid Content Authoring tool for live A/V lectures scheduling

     m-Learning for live classes, recorded lectures, video files, ,

Course Authoring Capabilities

     Scheduled or Self Paces Courses

      Intuitive Discussion Threads

     Mobile Device compatibility

      Content in any format

– PPT/Doc/Pdf/Video/Audio etc. files as content

       Live Online Classes

     Tests and Assessments


        Learner Management Tools

     Instructor Management Tools

Tests & Assessments
Measure Students Progress

     Rich Text Editor

     Add Sections, Levels

     Shuffle the questions

      Control Test Delivery ,Date-Time/Duration/Attempts

     Scorecard and analytics

      Bulk Upload

      Control Marking ,Difference/Negative

     Option to display answers & explanation to the learners

International Educational Programs

International educational programs are designed for professionals as per recent job market requirements.Many professionals who hold a basic graduation degree, are seeking quality program because they want to enhance their skills and want to take their potential to the top level in their respective field of work.RK Telesystem platform helps them to succeed in thier own profession and life.Our program focuses towards strengthening your skills and knowledge to face the various roles in the ever changing world. The following benefits are the reason why our programs are important for professionals from various fields:

  •  Enhanced Skill and Efficiency: An executive program help to enhance new skills and potential of the professionals and target to maximize their latent talents. It also increases the efficiency and help them grow in their field of work. It helps a professional to confidently pursue new ideas, think creatively and improve the time management of his/her work.
  • Saves Money and Time: Education has no end, more you want to invest on proving your skills never goes waste. Now you want to know is that it saves money and time? Our programs are cheaper than other full-time costly courses. You can study any program, anytime from anywhere, which saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Restore Confidence and Career Growth: Our education not only improve an individual’s knowledge and skills also improve his/her confidence to meet critical organizational demands. Every professional requires growth and change, nobody like stick to a particular position forever in their field of work. They want a better platform to show their talents.Our courses help them to reach the next level in their organization and help them to achieve accreditation to their career.

To cover all the aspects RK Telesystem brings to you the following executive programs for the professionals:

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