Ultrasonic Starter Kit


  • 15 projects in total for beginners, for you to learn basic knowledge about Arduino.
  • With an elaborately-written user manual, providing more details, clear breadboard images and schematic diagrams, and thorough wiring description so you can connect the components easily.
  • Code and Fritzing files are provided for view and download in the LEARN section on our website.
  • A great kit to learn about ultrasonic principle and applications.

This is an amazing kit for you to learn about Arduino. Detailed materials such as module description, principle explanation and related code are provided by experiment on the corresponding page in LEARN on our website. It’s a perfect kit to walk you into a fascinating physical world!
In this kit, an Ultrasonic Sensor Module is included. This sensor works by sending a sound wave out and calculating the time it takes for the sound wave to get back to the ultrasonic sensor. By doing this, it can tell us how far the object is away from the sensor. Apart from some basic experiments, more interesting and complicated ones are provided in this kit applying this sensor.

15 Projects for Beginners
Lesson 1 Button
Lesson 2 Flowing LED Lights
Lesson 3 Buzzer
Lesson 4 Photoresistor
Lesson 5 RGB LED
Lesson 6 Relay
Lesson 7 Tilt-Switch
Lesson 8 Servo
Lesson 9 LCD1602
Lesson 10 Thermistor
Lesson 11 Voltmeter
Lesson 12 Ultrasonic
Lesson 13 Stopwatch
Lesson 14 Automatic Light Source Tracking
Lesson 15 Backing a Car

Package included:
1 x Project Box
1 x Booklet
1 x 1602 LCD Module
1 x USB Cable
1 x Breadboard
20 x Dupont Wire (Female to Female)
40 x Dupont Wire (Male to Male)
8 x Resistor – 220Ω
4 x Resistor – 1 kΩ
4 x Resistor – 10 kΩ
4 x Resistor – 100 kΩ
1 x Resistor – 1 MΩ
1 x Resistor – 5.1 MΩ
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
1 x Ultrasonic holder
1 x 4-Digit 7-segment
2 x NPN Transistor (S8050)
1 x FET Transistor (2N7000)
2 x Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
1 x Diode (Zener)
1 x Tilt Switch
1 x Photoresistor
1 x Thermistor
2 x Button
2 x Potentiometer (with knob)
1 x Servo Motor
4 x Green LED
4 x Red LED
4 x Yellow LED
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Relay
40 x Pin Header