Research & Development Unit

Research & Development Unit

Research and development (R&D Unit works to obtain new knowledge to create new technology, products, services, or systems. The goal most often is to add to the company’s bottom line.

Our Research & Development team helps us make tomorrow possible

We have plenty planned for the future: electric superhighways, digital factories and energy-efficient smart grids. What we want to know is: what’s next? If you’re excited to design, develop and test the prototypes of tomorrow, let’s chat.

The people behind our next big idea

Research and development is no easy task. That’s why it requires the smartest minds around.

We believe we can change the future by creating smarter products through the convergence of multiple technologies here in this techno-preneurial environment,where you’re encouraged to make risks and realise your aspirations.

We are working on advanced technology that bridges the gap between the virtual and real world,surrounded by wonderful and creative minds,makes RK Telesystem a really inspiring place to work.

RK Telesystem offers world-class products.All RK Telesystem Products are CE, UL, FCC compliant and work on 100-240V, 50-60Hz  standard wall outlets worldwide.

Our R&D Team is continuously doing research & innovation with creativity in the following areas:

SDR, Wireless & Digital Communication
     Lab Kits, Lab Systems, OEM Boards
Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence
Robotics Development Kits
            PCB Design Tools & Machine
          Satellite, Radar & EMI-EMC Kits
RF , Microwave & Antenna System
Drone/Model Aircraft Development Kits

With RK Telesystem, everything is within reach.

Engineering College Final Year Projects for ECE, CSE,EE & Mech

RK Telesystem offers you final year projects for electronics, final year mechanical engineering projects, final year projects for ECE, final year projects for electrical engineering, VLSI projects for final year and more for improvement of technical and analytical skills of students. These final year projects are available with complete description, a tutorial video, buying information and more.