RFID Learning Kit

RFID Learning Kit


  • This RFID kit is suitable for the Uno, Mega 2560, Duemilanove, and Nano. All codes found in the user guide are compatible with these boards.
  • Our board is fully compatible with Arduino.
  • This kit includes some simple and complicated experiments, which is closely related with life. Through these experiments, you can clearly know the principles behind some common phenomenon and apply them well.

30 Lessons
1 Controlling LED by Button
2 Controlling LED by PWM
3 Interactive LED Flowing Lights
4 I2C LCD1602
5 Buzzer
6 Tilt-Switch
7 Building a Quiz Buzzer System
8 Serial Monitor
9 Photoresistor
10 Control Buzzer Sound by Photoresistor
11 Flame Alarm
12 Voltmeter
13 Sound Sensor
14 LM35 Temperature Sensor
15 Water Level Sensor
16 7-Segment Display
17 Stopwatch
18 Dot-matrix Display
19 Rainbow LED
20 74HC595
21 Mercury Switch
22 Real-time Clock Module
23 Humiture Detection
24 Relay
25 Stepper Motor
26 Servo
27 Joystick PS2
28 Infrared-Receiver
29 RFID Entrance Guard System
30 Password Lock

Component list
Uno R3
I2C LCD1602
Sound Sensor
9V Battery Buckle
Jumper wires(male to male) x30
USB Cable
LED(red) x8
LED (green) x8
LED (yellow) x8
Resistor (220Ω) x8
Resistor (1KΩ) x4
Resistor (10KΩ) x4
DuPont wire(M to F) x10
Active Buzzer
Passive Buzzer
74HC595 x2
IR Receiver
LM35 x2
Flame Sensor
Photoresister x2
Remote controller
Four-digit segment display
Stepper motor
Stepper Motor Driver
Relay module
7-segment display x2
Joystick PS2
Button x5
Tilt Switch
RFID module
RFID key ring
Humiture sensor
Water level measurement module
4*4 Keypad module