RF& Microwave Antenna

RF& Microwave Antenna

  • For customers who already have Singal generators,Signal Analysers, any single item  can be ordered from this catalog.
  • Over 55 different antennas to choose from like Parabolic dish, Patch arrays, Horns, Slots,Helices,Dipople, Monopole, Dual ridge Horn etc.
  • Stepper motor antenna rotator with 1 degree resolution can be ordered separately.
  • Free USB polar/cartesian plotting software.
  • All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot provided.

Choose any RF & Microwave Antenna

4 GHz antennas:
1 to 18 GHz Dual ridge Horn,
Microstrip inset fed Patch,
Microstrip Dipole antenna,
Microstrip Series fed Patch,
Microstrip Yagi ( 3el) antenna,
Microstrip Slot antenna,
Microstrip Folded Dipole antenna,
Microstrip Endfire Antenna,
Microstrip Broadside antenna,
Microstrip Monopole antenna,
Biconical antenna,
Discone  antenna,
Dual Patch array antenna,
Microstrip Transformer fed Patch,
Microstrip Log Spiral antenna,
Microstrip Log Periodic antenna (LPDA),
Microstrip right handed circular polarized Patch,
Patch array 2X2 antenna,
Microstrip Spiral Slot,
Microstrip Loop,
Microstrip circular Patch,
Microstrip left handed circular polarized Patch.

10GHz antennas:
1 to 18 GHz Dual ridge Horn,
Axial Mode Helix (RHCP),
Axial Mode Helix (LHCP),
Patch array 4X4 antenna,
Patch array 2X2 antenna,
Patch array 1X1 antenna,
Patch antenna,
Patch antenna circularly polarized,
Monopole antenna,
Dipole antenna,
Parabolic Dish with Dish feed,
Dielectric rod antenna,
Slot Broad wall antenna,
Slot Narrow wall antenna,
H Plane Horn antenna,
E Plane Horn antenna,
Pyramidal Horn,
Conical Horn antenna,
Open waveguide antenna

List of Experiments  
  1. Introduction
  2. To plot the radiation pattern of an omnidirectional antenna.
  3. To plot the radiation pattern of a directional antenna
  4. To measure axial ratio and cross polarisation discrimination of vertically horizontally and circularly polarized antennas.
  5. To measure the VSWR of the antenna
  6. To demonstrate that transmitting and receiving patterns of a n antenna are equal and hence confirm the reciprocity theorem of antennas
  7. To plot the radiation pattern (E & H Plane Polar & Cartesian Plots on Log/Linear scale of an antenna on PC.
  8. To measure the ANTENNA PARAMETERS (directivity, gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back ratio, p l a n e of polarization, cross polarization discrimination, side lobe level and its angular position from polar plot, VSWR/return loss) of Dipole antenna.
  9. To measure antenna parameters of Horn (E, H,Pyramidal) & open waveguide antenna.
  1. To measure antenna parameters of conical Horn antenna
  2. To measure antenna parameters of monopole antenna
  3. To measure antenna parameters of Slot (Narrow Wall & Broad Wall) Antenna
  4. To measure antenna parameters of Parabolic dish antenna
  5. To measure antenna parameters of Patch array antenna
  6. To measure antenna parameters of Helix (RHCP & LHCP) antenna. To measure the cross polarization discrimination for circular polarisation.
  7. To setup microwave data communication link.


No.List of Items Supplied with RF & Microwave Antenna Training Lab  Kit

4 GHz Antennas

1Dual ridge Horn1 
2Microstrip inset fed patch1 
3Microstrip Dipole Antenna1 
4Microstrip Series fed Patch Antenna1 
5Microstrip Yagi ( 3el) Antenna1 
6Microstrip Slot Antenna1 
7Microstrip Folded Dipole Antenna1 
8Microstrip Endfire Antenna1 
9Microstrip Broadside Antenna1 
10Microstrip Monopole Antenna1 
11Biconical Antenna1 
12Discone  Antenna, Disc1 
13Dual Patch array Antenna1 
14Microstrip Transformer fed Patch Antenna1 
15Microstrip Log Spiral Antenna1 
16Microstrip Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA)1 
17Microstrip Right handed Circular Polarized Patch1 
18Patch array 2X2 Antenna1 
19Microstrip Spiral Slot1 
22Microstrip Loop1 
23Microstrip circular patch1 
24Microstrip Left handed Circular Polarized Patch1 
26Discone + Disc1 
Sr. No.List of Items supplied in RF & Microwave Antenna Training Lab

10 GHz Antenna


1Dual ridge Horn1

2Axial Mode Helix (RHCP)1

3Axial Mode Helix (LHCP)1

4Patch array 4X4 antenna, M4 X 6 screws1

5Patch array 2X2 antenna1

6Patch array 1X1 antenna1

7Patch antenna1

8Patch antenna circularly polarized1

9Monopole antenna1

10Dipole antenna1

11Parabolic Dish with Dish feed1

12Dielectric rod antenna1

13Slot Broad wall antenna with Horizontal Slot Waveguide clamp1

14Slot Narrow wall antenna1

15H Plane Horn antenna1

16E Plane Horn antenna1

17Pyramidal Horn1

18Conical Horn Antenna1

19Waveguide to coaxial SMA (F) Adapter + SMA(M)-SMA(M) ADAPTER1

20Waveguide to coaxial SMA (F) Adapter / Open waveguide antenna1

21Fixed Short1

22Broadband matched Termination1

23Directional coupler1

24Slotted Line1 
25Microwave absorbers set1