Private GSM Network

Private GSM Network

Private mobile networking is one of the key service models supported by the use of licensed, license-exempt or deregulated spectrum. It enables a variety of innovative services for organizations and individual users, including DECT replacement and mixed voice/secure data services for enterprises and other organizations.

Private GSM cellular provides a means of running private, wide area multiple access networks – whether with full mobility or fixed – where other license-exempt solutions such as Wi-Fi don’t scale, provide adequate range or present capacity and quality of service (QoS) challenges.

RK Telesystem provides a full turn-key solution for private network deployments, based around our GSM network hardware & software, we offer the expertise and software required to provide the GSM aspects of an overall enterprise solution; and for service providers offering private GSM as a service, (including MNOs) we can pull together a complete build-operate-transfer offering.

Private GSM networks powered by RK Telesystem are both flexible and scalable.Our solution is scalable and cost effective for connected-user counts of anywhere between tens, and tens of thousands, of connected users. We can provide a complete standalone private network; or integrate with a wider (public or private) network, with multi-site aggregation and sophisticated local/wide area traffic handling capabilities.

Private GSM Network solutions for Emergency Communications and/or Enterprise Communications

RK Telesystem’s Private GSM Network enables mobile phones to become part of the internal telephony infrastructure while near the workplace. Users are able to access the same services and features using a fixed extension on the corporate PBX or on their mobile phone. RK Telesystem’s Private GSM Network can be implemented either by replacement of the PBX or by integration with the existing PBX infrastructure.

Use of applications on the mobile phone can be simplified using Mobile Office software which provides a menu-based interface to conferencing, call recording and call transfer and delivers this functionality to mobile handsets even when roaming.

Features and benefits:

  • Allows mobile phones to operate as PBX extensions while on-site
  • Corporate phone bills are reduced
  • Ease of use of devices
  • Consistent telephony user interface, irrespective of device, network or location
  • High level of customer service from improved staff contact
  • Business continuity to operate when the macro network is unavailable
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence with 2G and 2.5G handsets
  • Protecting investment with its ability to accommodate future developments

Private GSM for enterprise communications

Many organisations benefit from a mobile, yet fully contactable, workforce and RK Telesystem’s Private GSM Network has been designed to fulfil this requirement, providing in-building/on-campus communications.

RK Telesystem’s Private GSM Network can extend or replace the current PBX infrastructure, providing an effective alternative to cumbersome Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) installations used today.

Standard GSM mobile phones, including ruggedized handsets, connect users together on a secure, private network without incurring mobile phone call charges. Voice quality is high, as expected, on an industry standard-based GSM network, and support for PTT, SMS and GPRS is available.

             Standalone Private GSM Network on wheels

                 Solar powered Private GSM Network

BTS Site Hardware

  • Micro GSM site , 900 MHz, 1 TRX, 2 WATT / NIB
  • Antenna Omni 11 dBi with jumper cable

Solar Power System for Site – Optional

  • Micro Power System for Micro 1 Sites
  • SOLAR PANEL,300Wp,@4 per site
  • Solar Stand For 2X300W Solar Panels
  • Battery Bank,VRLA-TGEL,48V,200Ah
  • Battery Enclosure BOX (IP44)

Transmission backhaul to connect to nearby Tower or through V-Sat to Hub

IP Radio backhaul – Optional

  • IP Radio in 5.8 GHz band with dual pole Antenna

V- Sat Solution – Optional

  • 3 Watt V-Sat Remote terminal – 40 Watt Power con.


  • 21M or 30M Guyed Mast Assembly -Optional

BSC/OMC Hardware per Site for minimum 25 sites ( 25 TRX)


  • GSM software for BTS, BSC and OMC
  • Non-GSM software

Cost benefits

Our cost benefits include:

  • Zero call costs when in range and at landline rates when passed through local PBX
  • Automatic switchover when in range ensures cost control
  • Cost-effective alternative to DECT, PMR or WiFi technology
  • Control of call and messaging costs between mobiles in the office

Productivity benefits

Our productivity benefits include:

  • Allows mobile phones to operate as PBX extensions while in range
  • Support for feature-rich PBX applications on the mobile
  • Business-critical continuity maintained when the macro network is not available
  • Low powered spectrum extends mobile battery life
  • Effective range of up to 900m radius (outdoor) with excellent voice quality
  • External analogue PSTN/SIP connectivity provides uplink / backhaul choice and flexibility
  • Prevents issues of network congestion and loss
  • Immune to interference from WiFi or video senders

Compatability benefits

Our compatability benefits include:

  • One device, one number PBX applications – convergence without compromise
  • Extensive handset choice

Optimizing to Green Network Architecture

Traditional GSM SiteRK Telesystem GSM Site
¬  Uniform coverage = high capacity + high RF power

¬  Coverage and capacity coincide

¬  Requires large diesel generator

¬  Large Site; power hungry

¬  Separate Shed for batteries & transmission

¬  Carbon emission


¬  Umbrella coverage = low capacity + low RF power

¬  Spot coverage = high capacity + low RF power

¬  Runs entirely on solar power

¬  Small Site; save power

¬  Zero GSM + Back-haul footprint

¬  No carbon / no pollution


Technical Differentiators


  • Very Low power consumption per TRX
  • 100% Solar Viable
  • Efficient capacity on Demand (MicroBTS (Capacity), MacroBTS (Coverage))

Transmission (IP & Broadband)

  • Broadband ready, OFDM based IP transmission system, QoS support
  • Multi Hop GSM (Clock) support , ISM band also support, Auto-Discovery & Configuration

Power (Charging & Solar panels)

  • Integrated efficient power support for 72 hours autonomy
  • Complete Remote management (incl. solar panels Alarms)
  • Auxiliary Power & Monitoring options

OMC (Network Management)

  • Single Point simplified (FCAPS) for GSM, Transmission & Power (Incl. solar panels)
  • Centralized NOC for remote management, 3GPP CORBA for NBI

Add-on Broadband ( integrated outdoor Wi-Fi Access points)

  • Wi-Fi APs (360 degree connectivity)
  • Share the existing IP-backhaul
  • 100% Solar powered
  • low CAPEX
  • Near zero OPEX solution

Network in a Box (NIB)

GSM System from RK Telesystem enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network also. This product combines all of the key elements in a cellular network into a single system that is easy to transport and carry. Integration with any external networks can also be supported.

Smart and Simple Site practices

  • BTS is on the tower top so no cable trays, and only 1.5 meter of RF cable. Our 10w GSM system is almost equivalent to Ground based 20W system as there is no cable loss in 30 meter tower.
  • All connectors are mistake-proof
  • IKEA ‘Self-Serve’ type erection for the solar stand
  • Remote IP-OMC for KPI reports, Software upgrades
  • Tower design is 40% lighter than conventional towers

 Applications and Deployment Scenarios 

  • Expansion of existing GSM network at rural and remote areas
  • Emergency Cellular Networks
  • Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas or for Disaster Relief
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Temporary Cellular Networks for Industry
  • Private Cellular Mobile Networks
  • Cellular network at sea (on-board cellular networks for ships/vessels)