Private GSM Network for Enterprises

Private GSM Network for Enterprises

Private mobile networking is one of the key service models supported by the use of licensed, license-exempt or deregulated spectrum. It enables a variety of innovative services for organizations and individual users, including DECT replacement and mixed voice/secure data services for enterprises and other organizations.

RK Telesystem offers Private GSM Network-in a Box (NIB) that enables individuals to quickly set up voice, data and SMS services anywhere anytime.Available in a backpack also with integrated battery, it offers specialised emergency services like bulk SMS, and helps in geo-location tracking during search and rescue operations also.Multiple Network-in a Box (NIB) can network on a standard IP-interface.Thus, multiple teams can have one GSM Network-in a Box (NIB) each in a single location or a larger team can have multiple GSM Network-in a Box ( NIB) in different locations.

Private GSM Network-in a Box ( NIB)


  • Private mobile communications for various applications
  • 3GPP compliant – operates on all standard GSM frequency bands and GSM handsets
  • Geo-location services based on GPS and other positioning methods used by supported devices
  • Search and rescue operations such as revealing location of trapped, buried or missing victims by tracking their mobile devices.
  • Emergency services like bulk SMS with emergency advice (eg evacuation instructions) to all mobiles in coverage area.
  • Includes a high-gain antenna and a tripod for extending range during operation Extra battery pack available for longer hours of operation


  • Strengthen emergency response by providing quick mobile communication in areas beyond the reach of public networks.
  • Easily set up temporary mobile communication services in disaster-hit areas until public networks are restored
  • Supports both stationary and on-the-move rescue operations – backpack, vehicle, or helicopter/drone mounted
    Can be set up by anyone – just hand-carry and switch on power for instant mobile service.

RK Telesystem offers end-to-end Solar powered GSM NIB network infrastructure  for various applications. Operators may deploy these sites at rural communities and remote industry’s large campuses and allow them to make a call from mobile to landline, EPABX and vice versa in a standalone mode for that private and secure campuses. This network can be private and it can be connected with others existing networks.

Typical Solar powered GSM Network in a box ( NIB) site deployment scenarios

RK Telesystem provides the ability to access voice services using mobile handsets over a private GSM network.The mobile phone can be the handset of choice for financial and practical reasons by replicating a cellular network in software and inter-operating with IP/SIP devices and applications.

RK Telesystem enables mobile phones to become part of the internal telephony infrastructure while near the workplace. Users are able to access the same services and features using a fixed extension on the corporate PBX or on their mobile phone. Private GSM Networks can be implemented either by replacement of the PBX or by integration with the existing PBX infrastructure.

Many organisations benefit from a mobile, yet fully contactable, workforce and private GSM network has been designed to fulfil this requirement, providing in-building/on-campus communications.Private GSM Network can extend or replace the current PBX infrastructure, providing an effective alternative to cumbersome Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) installations used today.

Private GSM Network Trailer System for various applications

Solar Powered Complete Private GSM Network Trailer System
  • Local voice, SMS and data services, even when backhaul is not up (Standalone private GSM Network)
  • Mobile location information of affected civilian population for aiding in search and rescue operation
  • Interconnects with different legacy radio networks (HF/VHF/UHF)
  • Rich Services Suite – Mobile, WiFi, Remote Public Announcement System, Solar based Power solution,
    network interfaces towards PSTN/Cellular Modems etc.
  • Integrated VSAT backhaul for connectivity to HQ and external world

RK Telesystem offers complete GSM network on Trailer system.Trailer system integrates standards compliant Mobile GSM Network, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile locator, legacy radios using RoIP, Wi-Fi, application server for custom applications, PBX features and IP backhaul using VSAT along with power solutions –solar, generator or both.
The system’s unique geo-location feature enables agencies to locate active mobiles, provide limited or full service, differentiate between trapped and others using rich analytics.The system is designed to keep working even when cellular networks collapse.It can be deployed at remote sites and can be connected via satellite for various possible configurations and applications.

Typical Private GSM Network Deployment Scenarios to connect HQ ,operator and remote sites

Standard GSM mobile phones, including ruggedized handsets, connect users together on a secure, private network without incurring mobile phone call charges. Voice quality is high, as expected, on an industry standard-based GSM network, and support for PTT, SMS and GPRS is available.

Using one or more base stations, private GSM network registered mobile handsets are able to communicate with each other in a localised GSM ‘island’. Private GSM Network provides cost effective utilisation of standard mobile phones and the improvement of in-building coverage.

Cost benefits

Our cost benefits include:

  • Zero call costs when in range and at landline rates when passed through local PBX
  • Automatic switchover when in range ensures cost control
  • Cost-effective alternative to DECT, PMR or WiFi technology
  • Control of call and messaging costs between mobiles in the office

Productivity benefits

Our productivity benefits include:

  • Allows mobile phones to operate as PBX extensions while in range
  • Support for feature-rich PBX applications on the mobile
  • Business-critical continuity maintained when the macro network is not available
  • Low powered spectrum extends mobile battery life
  • Effective range of up to 900m radius (outdoor) with excellent voice quality
  • External analogue PSTN/SIP connectivity provides uplink / backhaul choice and flexibility
  • Prevents issues of network congestion and loss
  • Immune to interference from WiFi or video senders

Compatability benefits

Our compatability benefits include:

  • One device, one number PBX applications – convergence without compromise
  • Extensive handset choice

Private GSM Network  Applications

Pvt. GSM App. In Enterprise Networks / Telco’s:

Deployment in Enterprise, Residential building & Campus as a private GSM network can help create value propositions for the GSM operators to support mobility requirements within the large campus of an integrated factory with residential blocks. Hotels, Hospitals & institutions where some of the staff are moving around the campus need such solutions.

Pvt. GSM App. in Rural Networks:

Deployments in rural areas for providing cost effective and quick deployment can help deploy entire network in one step reducing time to market. These are low powered scalable networks that can grow with growing requirements of the rural demographics. They are low cost, easy to deploy and comprehensive solutions that can help create entrepreneurship model in rural networks.

RK Telesystem offers end-to-end GSM Network which include MSC, BSC, Rural and Village sites including solar power and tower.These products can also be used for temporary deployment in a games village or for a temporary holiday camp or any greenfield deployment set-up over a few kilometers.

Pvt. GSM App. in Disaster Management:

These portable and easy to use systems cater to emergency services & for rapid deployment of GSM network. Units where the existing GSM / CDMA networks are destroyed due to natural calamity such as a hurricane or earthquake, RK Telesystem can quickly set up a reliable communication network which can be used by all agencies working on the site viz. NGO’s / Red Cross / Paramilitary / Army / State Departments / Fire Departments etc.Security Agencies including Police & National Security Groups can use our rapid deployable private GSM network for emergencies such as a terror strike. Integrated solution such as this along with a common platform for Voice and Data transmission is the need of the hour felt by most security agencies. Disaster management & field GSM deployments seamlessly working with their private networks is a need that can be met with an integrated solution.

Pvt. GSM App. in Railways:

These systems are appropriate for Railway Stations & Accident Relief trains, where it supports all legacy connectivity’s including communication on Quad cable, E&M, BWT & even magneto trunks. A.R.T’s equipped with these systems can provide immediate communication that works seamlessly with the existing Railway Network. Railway stations also need seamless mobile communication with existing railway network.RK Telesystem may offer end-to-end private GSM network for Railways and connect their existing exchanges.

Ships, Islands, Construction & Mining sites:

These segments of customer need quick deployment of complete networks with satellite / UHF / VHF back haul where RK Telesystem has an ideal solution to deploy private GSM network via satellite.Ships on high seas, and when they are docked could use RK Telesystem Solutions to stay connected over satellite or through wireless IP interface with local Telco under roaming agreements. Construction & Mining sites in far flung remote areas with no existing telecom networks could deploy these to cater to their immediate communication needs within the private campus. Oil rigs, Oil wells & large mining areas could be ideal customers for such applications.

GSM Coverage to Marines in Deep Sea & GSM Coverage for Coast Guard

Marine GSM solution from RK Telesystem is a secure, lightweight,rapidly deployable digital wireless network. This state-of-the-art integrated system delivers a variety of interfaces to seamlessly interoperate with commercial VoIP, PBX, PSTN and mobile networks.The 3GPP based marine GSM is hardened to survive transportation and the extremes of all operational environments. The entire system is configured to consume extremely low power, is highly portable, and delivers without compromise.Marine GSM solution will provide passengers and crew with reliable, guaranteed, good quality voice along with SMS and broad band data service while at sea.

Reliable Mobile Communication Network for Voice and Broadband Services on Board at Sea


  • Integrated Backhaul for Voice, Data and BroadbandServices
  • Small form Factor, Quick Deployment
  • Privately Owned & Remotely Managed Network
  • Cell Broadcast for Quick Communication between
    Crew Members & Users
  • DAS Deployment Provides Seamless and Full Coverage
  • PBX Services Extension to GSM Network
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost
  • Seamless Connectivity to Head Quarter over Satellite
  • Local Call Switching Provide Free on-net Calls
  • Service Affordable with Resource Saving for Both Shipowners and Subscribers
  • Improve on Security Challenges
  • Reliable and Flexible with Cost-savings
  • External GSM & Internet Connectivity over Satellite on BW on Demand
  • Broadband Backhaul Helps in Remote Management of Vessel Machines
  • Optimized Spectrum Power Provide Power Saving of System & Mobile
  • Reducing and Managing Risk
  • Compatible with Industry Standard 2G/2.5G & Carrier Grade Hardware

Advantages for Marine Industry

  • Seamless Voice & Broadband Data Connectivity from Anywhere Anytime
  • Mobility and Easy Reach Ability on Board
  • Industry Standard Secured Communication
  • Communication within Ship at Negligible Cost
  • Complete end to end Solution
  • Cellular Phones on Board as an Added Safety Measure
  • Easy Installation without Impacting Ship’s Operation
  • Broadband for email and Other Internet Applications Including Large File Transfers
  • Additional Revenue for Ship Operators through
    Instant Communication About on Going Sales,
  • Instant Communication to Crew on Any Meeting/
    Events/Any Other Information
  • Provision for Communication to Selected Group or Individuals
  • Communication with Shore via Satellite

Deployment Scenarios

  • Standalone Mode
  • Interface with Local PBX
  • Connected to Land Infrastructure over Satellite

Examples of deployments at Sea

  • Passenger Ships and Cruise Liners
  • Big Ferries and Super-yachts
  • Cargo and Other Commercial Ships, Naval Ships
  • Off-shore Communication between Ships and Yatchs
  • Coast Guard Communication from Light House

 Advantages for Operators

  • Opportunity to Extend Revenue with Attractive Tariff
  • Plan for on Board Users
  • Easy Integration with Land Infrastructure on Industry
  • Standard Interface
  • Low Powered Radio Communication
  • Antenna to Boost Range
  • Optimized Satellite Backhaul Connectivity
  • Integrated VAS Modules
  • Low CAPEX for Spot Coverage
  • Drastically Slashed Down OPEX
  • Remote Management
  • A Secured VPN with Land Using Broadband on Board and Dedicated Satellite Connection

Advantages for Crew and passengers

  • Reliable, Secured Communication with Mobility
    On Board Communication at Near Zero Cost
  • Commercial Class GSM Handset for Communication
  • Cost Effective Connectivity to Home, Friends and Work
  • Advance Information on All Events/Activities on Board
  • A Secured Access to email, Internet Surfing, Social
  • Networking Conveniently and Cost Effectively with Users Own Instrument

Pvt. GSM App. in Defence, Paramilitary and Tactical:

RK Telesystem has a universal gateway that meet the field requirement of army & paramilitary forces and provide interface for PSTN, IP, CNR radio, E&M, Magneto or VoIP. These can find applications as Inter op devices in large projects on the battlefield. Battery powered, Vehicle mounted private GSM systems are compact single Box solutions for quick deployment of GSM & backhaul services. These could be housed in mobile jeeps with “on board” generators to set up a GSM network over 5 – 7 Kms radius. Deployment of half a dozen such mobile communication vehicles can cover a larger radius for rapidly setting up a tactical unit. UN peacekeeping force or troops stationed in any part of the world could be customers for such applications. These products will ultimately find large applications in projects like Battlefield Management System and Tactical Control Systems.

RK Telesystem has partnered with many companies to address M2M and IoT applications. This partnership offers  wireless network to support M2M,IoT and surveillance , as well as, enterprise connectivity for business support and operations. Increased connectivity provides companies with the intelligence to improve operational awareness, increase efficiency and monitor assets.

Additional enterprise network application scenarios:

  • Communications – Voice, Text & Data
  • Automation – M2M Devices and Applications
  • Logistics
  • Asset Tracking
  • Video Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Safety & Security