Portable GSM for Rural Communities

Portable GSM for Rural Communities

Building the cellular infrastructure in rural regions presents radically different challenges from building networks in urban areas:

  • The power grid in these areas is unreliable, if it exists at all.
  • There is no wired telecom infrastructure to run the network backbone of the cellular network.
  • The large distance over poor roads makes site maintenance time consuming and expensive.
  • There is little local skilled labor to support the site maintenance.

RK Telesystem has addressed all of these challenges with the Portable GSM Network System and providing customized cellular solutions for the rural market spanning GSM technologies, in particular:

  • Enabling GSM in remote rural villages over satellite backhaul
  • Supporting GSM services on cruise ships
  • Delivering GSM voice to mining enterprises over satellite
  • Integrating our IP-RAN products with IP-PBX’s using SIP

Tower & Pole Mounted GSM Network-in a Box

Solar Powered Rapid Deployable GSM Network

Our portable GSM Network System is a compact carrier grade outdoor base station. The small form factor allows for simplified mounting on poles and alternative structures, eliminates the need to place equipment on the ground, and greatly simplifies tower construction requirements.

Some of the unique deployment scenarios that we can support include:

  • Remote MSC Survivability – If the satellite backhaul link experiences disruption, local service is still maintained at a remote site
  • Remote Gateway offload – Deployment of remote BSC nodes enables operators to offload user Internet traffic at the edge of the network.
  • “All in one” stand-alone remote operation – The portable GSM network system can support not only GSM handsets but also SIP based VoIP phones.

Using the latest technologies in wireless communications; RK Telesystem continues to meet these challenges with its core network solution for GSM networks is easy to install and scalable in its deployment options. Low cost servers or appliances may be used depending on the traffic requirements. Centralized or VM based deployments are also possible.