Phased Array Radar Training Lab

Phased Array Radar Training Lab

Phased array antenna training system has been designed to unravel the mysterious subject of antenna beam steering in lab environment. Beam steering has been an abstract concept with theoretical formulation and computer simulation untill now. Such antennas are extensively used in high power radars, which could not presented as a model in lab for student experiments.The high power of these devices would not be safe for indoor use and exorbitant price would exclude any live practical. We offer a comprehensive system with PLL signal generator for energising the antenna and PLL receiver for testing the beam patterns. Phased array antenna is mounted on Stepper motor controlled rotator for polar plot measurement. Antenna phase controller is provided to steer the beam with any user algorithm.


  • PLL transceiver 0.4-4 GHz.
  • 1KHz step size
  • RF Power measurement in 0.1 dB resolution
  • 60 dB dynamic range.
  • Directional Coupler for VSWR/ Return Loss.
  • Stepper motor antenna rotator.
  • 1 degree resolution stepper motor
  • USB interface with polar/cartesian plotting software
  • Microstrip Phased array, Log Periodic
  • All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot
  • 1000 Frequency and level storage in receiver
  • + 35 degree beam steering
  • 2X2 array of patch antennas with individual phase addressing
  • Microwave Absorber panels provided

Phase Array Antenna Beam Controller

Display : TFT LCD
Display Mode : Beam Number, Position,
Control : Touch Screen
Menu : Reset to broadside,Specify
Beam Scan, Incremental shift
Scan Mode : Manual, continuous, triggered
Beam Sequence : Incremental, Random, Even
Scan Speed : Selectable
Resolution : 4bit



Technical Specifications:
Display : 320X240 pixel TFT Touch Screen
Frequency range : 0.04-4 GHz PLL synthesized
Step size : 1KHz to 1GHz
Accuracy : 1ppm
RF Level : +10dBm typical
Measurements : RF level in dBm & 22 other units
Resolution : 0.1dB with a dynamic range of 60 dB
USB interface : To PC for antenna plotting software
Connector : Gold plated SMA
Motor Rotation : 0-359 degrees in 1 degree
Motor Mode : Fully programmable start/end position,
Step Size, Forward step/dwell/stop time,
No of cycles
Auto mode : Automatic rotation with receiver
Locations : 10,000 location Frequency and Level



Phase array Antenna

  • Gain : 10 dBi
  • Frequency : 4000MHz
  • Beamwidth : Horizontal 40 degree typical
  • Input Impedance : 50 Ohms
  • Connector : SMA
  • Array Element : Rectangular Patch Antenna,Dipole antenna, Log Periodic
  • Dipole ArrayPolarization : Linear X or Y rotatable Array : 2X2 (X and Y)
  • Element Spacing : Fixed Lambda/2
  • Amplitude Taper : Uniform amplitude X & Y
  • Phase Taper : Adjustable Broadside
  • Phase Resolution : 20degree
  • Phase shift total : >360 degree
  • Beam Scan : >+35 degrees (X and Y)



  • Transmitter antenna mounting stand.
  • Stepper motor controlled mounting stand for rotation of receiving antenna.
  • All necessary connectors & Teflon cables.
  • Experimental Manual
  • Software CD
  • USB-USB Lead
  • Microwave Absorber Panels
  • E-Manual: Installation Video for ease of Learning

Areas of experimentation and scope of study

  • Vertical, Horizontal polarized antennas.
  • Resonant and non-resonant antenna, VSWR
  • Antenna parameters:Radiation pattern E & H Plane – Polar & Cartesian Plots
  • Directive gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back ratio, plane of polarization, side lobe level & angle.
  • Antenna resonance, VSWR and bandwidth using directional coupler
  • Plus lot more.

List of Experiments

  1. Introduction to Hardware and Software.
  2. Radiation pattern of an Omni and directional antenna.
  3. Vertical, Horizontal and Circularly polarized antennas.
  4. Polarization discrimination linear & circular antennas
  5. Resonant and non-resonant antenna, Reciprocity of antenna
  6. Current distribution of antenna, Comparative study of antennas
  7. Radiation pattern E & H Plane – Polar & Cartesian Plots
  8. Directive gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back ratio, plane of polarization, side lobe level & angle.
  9. Antenna parameters: Antenna resonance, VSWR and bandwidth using directional coupler of 20 antennas
  10. On air transmission & reception using Analog modulation & demodulation techniques like AM, DSBSC, SSB, NarrowbandFM, Wideband FM, Stereo FM.
  11. On air transmission & reception using Digital Modulation &Demodulation techniques like ASK, FSK, BPSK, DBPSK, MSK,GMSK, DQPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, pi/4QPSK, 8PSK,16QAM,64QAM, 256QAM, CPFSK, GFSK, and other variants,
  12. Multiplexing techniques like TDM, FDM/WDM,SDM,Polarization, Spatial, Packet Switching, MC-SS, OFDM etc.
  13. Analog Channel Models like Noise (Uniform, Linear, Laplacian,Gaussian, Phase noise), Interference (Cross talk, Co-channel,Inter symbol), Distortion (Inter modulation), Frequency response(Attenuation & phase shift), Group delay, Propagation Doppler shift, Fading modeling slow, fast, selective/dispersive, Multipath,Rayleigh, Rician)
  14. Channel Coding & decoding-Convolutional, Viterbi, Trellis.
  15. Channel performance measurements (spectral bandwidth,Symbol Rate, Bit Rate, Channel Capacity, Channel Utilization,Signal to noise ratio, Bit Error Rate BER, Latency, Jitter, Eye Diagram, Constellation diagram, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser, Waterfall display.
  16. Line Coding & Decoding Digital Baseband
  17. Filters-IIR, FIR, Pulse Shaping-RRC root raised cosine, High pass, Low pass, Bandpass, Band stop, FFT, frequencytranslating filter,
  18. Synchronizers-Costas Loop, Clock Recovery, Frequencylocked loop, phase locked loop, correlate and sync, carrieracquisition,
  19. Modeling mathematical equations
  20. On air link for Voice, Data, Video

Shipping List

No.List Of Items Supplied In Phased Array Antenna Training Lab KitQty.
1Pat04 + SMPS1
2Beam Controller + Phase Array Antenna + SMPS1
3Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA)2
4Patch Antenna4
5Dipole Antenna4
6Log Periodic (LPDA) Small4
7SMA-SMA Cable2
8USB Lead2
9Az-El Tripod + Extension Rodwith


10Shaft Rod With Delrin + Cube1
11M3x6 + M3x15 + M3x12 Screw Set +

Screw Driver

12Allen Key Set1
13Experimental Manual1
14E- Manual Installation Video + Antenna Plotting Software Dvd1