PCB Prototyping Machine

PCB Prototyping Machine

We offer a printed circuit board prototyping machine, which allows you to produce a PCB of your design right on your desk.This is a CNC machine and it can be controlled using standard GCode commands. Though we recommend using our PCB Prototyping software for the best possible experience.

The machine accepts various operation specific heads: spindle, solder paste syringe or pick-and-place head. The machine includes all control electronics, built-in air tank for solder paste dispensing and built-in vacuum generator for SMD components placement.

Max PCB size100x160mm
Mechanical resolution0.01mm
Software resolution1.25µm
Repeatability< 0.02mm
Max travel speed, X axis1200mm/min
Max travel speed, Y axis1000mm/min
Max travel speed, Z axis1500mm/min

Please note! The machine is delivered without any add-ons. Here’s what’s included with the machine:

  • Machine itself
  • Power supply & power cord with EU plug
  • 4 reference pins
  • USB cable

Spindle add-on

This add-on allows you to mill traces and drill holes.

Max rpm30,000
Run-out< 0.03mm
Collet typeER11
Collet diameter1/8″

Dispensing add-on

The adapter package includes everything you need to dispense solder paste on your PCB.

The package includes the following items

  • Valve adapter
  • Syringe adapter
  • Hose to connect the adapter to the machine
  • Starter pack of dispensing needles – 10 each size


Pick-and-place add-on

This add-on allows you to assemble your PCB by populating it with SMD components.

It consists of:

  • Pick-and-place head
  • 3 component panels of different sizes
  • 50 registration pins for component panels
  • set of needles for components handling
  • hose connecting pick-and-place head to the machine

PCB laminate

Laminate is sold in packs of 10 pieces (the price is per pack). It is FR-4 laminate with pre-drilled registration holes compatible with machine.

  • Size:100×75  or 100×160
  • Copper Thikness:35µm or 18µm or 70µm
  • Cladding: single sided or double sided

PCB Tools starter pack

The pack includes:

  • 2 x Insulation milling V tool 0.2-0.5
  • Contour end mill 1.0mm
  • PCB drills of diameters: 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 3.0

Drilling/milling spacer pack

This is a spacer that goes between machine bed and PCB for drilling and contour milling operations, preventing a tool from damaging machine bed. It is 2mm high and has dimensions corresponding to the dimensions of the laminate.

Spacers are sold in packs of 10.

:100×75 or 100×160 or 120x 215

Manual air pump

Solder paste dispensing operation requires compressed air.Our machine comes with built-in air tank, but needs a source of compressed air. Manual air pump

This pump is exactly that! Fast and efficient, it creates the necessary pressure in no time with little effort.

Manual air pump

Dust extractor attachment add-on

PCB milling and drilling operations produce quite a bit of dust. As the most common laminate substrate is fiber-glass based, the dust contains glass particles. Inhaling these particles is hazardous for health, so proper dust extractor is a must.

This add-on allows to connect your dust extractor directly to our machine, removing the dust right away. This keeps both you and your machine healthier. Your desk will also look much cleaner.

We recommend using Festool CTH-26E dust extractor with this add-on. But, of course, you can use any other applicable dust extractor.

The add-on attaches to a hose with D36 (36mm external diameter) connector. If you already have an appropriate hose, you are fine to use that. If you prefer getting one, it’s possible to get that included

Dust extractor attachment add-on

Dust extractor attachment add-on

Dust extractor attachment add-on

Dust extractor attachment add-on

 Dust extractor attachment add-on

Microscope add-on

SMD components are really small and are getting smaller each year. Chances are, your vision is not improving that fast. This is where microscope add-on comes in handy – it provides a convenient way to see the components being picked and placed right on the computer screen.

Microscope add-on includes:

  • USB microscope
  • Adapter for mounting the microscope on pick and place head
  • LED illumination
  • All the necessary pieces to attach it to machine

The adaptor allows to rotate the microscope around the pick and place needle, providing over 180 degrees view of the component. It is compatible with all existing machines.

Microscope add-on

PCB prototyping machine complete package

Dust extractor attachment add-onThis package includes absolutely everything to get you started right away:

  • Cirqoid machine
  • Spindle add-on
  • Dispensing add-on
  • Pick-and-place add-on
  • Starter pack of PCB laminate 100x75mm
  • Starter pack of PCB tools
  • Drilling/milling spacer pack
  • Starter pack of dispensing needles

The following components can be optionally included:

  • Air pump
  • Dust extractor attachment add-on
  • Microscope add-on