Technology in Rail/Metro

Technology in Rail/Metro

We lead technology innovation in the rail sector by powering intelligent, flexible and connected ICT solutions for now and the future.

Increasing fuel prices and spiraling road congestion has meant that rail travel is experiencing something of a renaissance.

To enable rail transportation companies to optimise their rail networks, RK Telesystem has recently tie-up with innovative technology companies to offer latest and advance solutions for railways.

It combines hardware & software products to make more intelligent use of all rail assets, from tracks to trains, so companies can meet the increasing consumer demand for more efficient and safer services.

Our products & solutions for rail/metro are:

2.5G/4G LTE Mobile Communications for Rail/Metro

We offer end-to-end 2.5G/4G LTE mobile network infrastructure for railways application.Mobile communications is becoming a key component in the strategy of railway operators and infrastructure managers, since it has been realized that it can bring significant cost savings and a better operational efficiency, in particular in the 3 following domains :

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Enterprise TV/Internet TV for Railways/Metro


  1. Guest check-in/out features
  2. Order food and drinks through tv
  3. rent movies , live streaming classes/training
  4. room status for administrator and billing
  5. Enterprise information on home screen

RK Telesystem offers excellent OTT platform for railways,metros, hotels, educational institutions, healthcare and corporate houses with following features:

  • New level of service
  • Live TV, Mobile TV
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Video on Demand
  1. Integration with corporate services
  2. Creating own channel stream
  3. Digital Signage Features for advertisement, broadcasting in shopping malls.
  4. Simple and fast content message exchange ,higher ROI investment rate.
  5. Perfect solution for hotels, cruise ships, hospitals and households

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 Modern Telematics for Railways
RK Telesystem’s Strengths
  • Provide diverse platforms with wireless communication and sensor technology for railway operators to capture all the required data on the rolling stock vehicle
  • Integrate latest computing technology into a single onboard gateway to handle any front-end data processing
  • All RK Telesystem’s solutions embed powerful satellite based positioning technology to make sure railway operators get precise and timely location tracking to maximize fleet operations
  • Robust and reliable design helps railway operators to deploy onboard gateways in any harsh environment with tremendous maintenance cost savings.

With global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), wireless data communication and computerized processing of sensor-generated data, railway telematics can collect, process and share vital information such as positioning, vehicle health and railway line data. Operators can leverage these information as a tool to accurately track rolling stock positions, identify traffic events and measure railway performance to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire railway operations.

Successful Factors
  • Reliable wireless communication to transmit data correctly and timely
  • Powerful system performance to process big data, such as video from surveillance
  • Precise positioning of the railway train
  • Tough housing design to work on railroads and in harsh environments
  • Be able to expand functionality according to customers’ needs, such as alert alarm and people counting



Comprehensive network systems automating all station operations

We strive to meet the needs of the continually evolving Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Systems with application of the IC card system which transformed passenger gate and fare collection operations, and development of networks that integrate use of IC cards within and around each station. Implementation of IC card networks has spread from the railway industry to airports as well, such as the automatic boarding pass readers at boarding gates.

Station Platform Safety Sensing system

Station Platform Screen Door Half-Height type system

Station Platform Screen Door Wire Rope type system

Multi Language Passenger support robot


Station Automatic Passenger Gate

Security Gate

Automatic Train Supervision system

ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) is the computer system that totally manages and controls train operation and train route based on the schedule during train traffic control. This equipment is indispensable for achieving high-density operation. It is a versatile system that can also accommodate a large-scale route in spite of a simple configuration.

Interlocking Equipment




Level Crossing system

Level Crossing MWF III Type

This is the MWF III type level crossing with the functions improved based on MWF II type. The operating current during ascent has been reduced significantly by increasing the power of the spring unit. The need has been eliminated to replace the spring unit regardless of the gate length. The gate direction can be changed only by replacing the arm without need to change the control unit switch.


RK Telesystem’s intelligent ultrasonic system’s compact design means it fits inside a Toyota Land Cruiser. This allows the vehicle to not only get on and off track with ease, but also enables it to operate in the world’s harshest and remote conditions.

The system is not limited to just a 4×4, it can also be fitted to any hi-rail, rail bound, or push trolley platform.

 Surface Map

High speed (throughput up to 320Km/h) multi-channel eddy current system, designed for surface defect condition reporting.



Comprehensive visual map based infrastructure database, for track maintenance decisions.

 Handheld weld tester

The 805SX is a user friendly portable handheld ultrasonic tester designed specifically for weld testing.


Automated Rail Flaw Detection

RK Telesystem offers a complete ultrasonic rail testing service, powered by their proprietary 8800SX Ultrasonic system.


High Speed Surface Defect Detection

RK Telesystem offer a location, sizing and classification service for surface conditions including head checking, rolling contact fatigue (RCF), squats and welds using our proprietary high speed Surface Map eddy current technology.


Rail Defect Failure Analysis

We offer a metallurgical consultancy service to assist and cater to your rail flaw and testing needs.

 Research and Development

An ongoing commitment to research and development ensures that RK Telesystem’s rail flaw detection technology leads the forefront in the rail testing industry, and continues to exceed the needs of clients.