Interactive TV experience for your clients and employees.

RK Telesystem offers excellent OTT platform for hotels, educational institutions, healthcare and corporate houses with following features:

  • New level of service
  • Live TV, Mobile TV
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Video on Demand
  1. Integration with corporate services
  2. Creating own channel stream
  3. Digital Signage Features for advertisement, broadcasting in shopping malls.
  4. Simple and fast content message exchange ,higher ROI investment rate.
  5. Perfect solution for hotels, cruise ships, hospitals and households
  6. Guest check-in/out features
  7. Order food and drinks through tv
  8. rent movies , live streaming classes/training
  9. room status for administrator and billing
  10. Enterprise information on home screen


7 years of expertise in IPTV,Internet TV and OTT technologies are at your disposal. Get a cost-effective and convenient solution from RK Telesystem. It is not matter, whether you are looking for simple DVB receivers or want to build a multi-source system and deliver TV and video content to thousands of customers… You will find it all here.

  • IPTV middleware & billing
  • VoD servers
  • DVB to IP gateways
  • Transcoders/Encoders
  • CDN Servers
  • and more

All our products are initially compatible with each other and can be easily and quickly connected in a scalable cluster. This literally means that you can start from a single small server and grow to a huge IPTV/Internet TV installation with thousands of customers, generating your revenue. Our approach is to optimize and simplify solution so our products can offer you advantage of enhanced efficiency on a smaller footprint. It is a fact that RK Telesystem  will require less servers to deploy IPTV/Internet TV solution, compared to other vendors.


A solution providing interactive IPTV/Internet services to users all over the world. Receive your channels anywhere and allow to watch them from anywhere, with the help of CDN network. Build your own CDN network or use one of existing CDN services to distribute your streams across the globe. Deliver to thousands of customers, who can watch your content on their TV, Smartphones, Tablets or even in web browsers.

Services provided:

  • Viewing TV channels (Streaming)
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Video on demand (VoD)
  • Virtual cinema (nVoD)
  • Catch Up TV
  • Time-shifted TV (TSTV, Pause Live TV)

Devices supported:

  • Android Set Top Boxes
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Devices supporting HTML5

A Scalable IPTV/Internet TV solution for medium to large service providers

RK Telesystem provide complete IPTV/Internet solution in which all servers are connected in a scalable cluster. It is an ideal choice for hotels, Internet Service Providers, households and even marine vessels.Our system includes both hardware and software intended to provide television and video over IP network:

Compete Internet TV Solutions

  • IPTV Middleware
  • DVB to IP gateway (multicast streamer)
  • Video on Demand server (VoD server)
  • Catch Up TV & Pause TV Server
  • IPTV Conditional Access system (IP CAS/DRM)
  • Billing and Subscriber Management system
  • CDN Servers
  • IPTV Player (PC client software)
  • Mobile TV app ( Android/iOS) for tablets & smartphones

DVB-C Headends

  •   Streamer DVB 4xC
  •   Streamer HDMI 8xC
  •   Streamer 16xC, 32xC

IPTV Headends

  •   DVB to IP Gateway 8x
  •   IPTV Videoserver 2.0
  •   VoD server
  •   Catch up TV & Pause TV
  •   Transcoder 2.0   
  •   MPEG-2 Encoder 8x
  •   MyTV / Digital Signage
  •   HDMI/HD-SDI Encoder 8x
  •   CDN server
  •   Streamer ASI 8x
  •   Streamer HDMI 1x   

Content management

  •   IPTV middleware
  •   IPTV billing system

Client software and devices

  •   Mobile App ( Android/iOS)
  •   Android STB Client
  •   Android IP STB
  •   STB Client
  •   IPTV PC Client
  •   Supported IP set-top boxes
  •   Smart TV Client

Open source IPTV software

We develop open source software for IPTV: IPTVProbe, a software for monitoring quality of IP video streams, and Multifiles, a solution for automatic remote upgrade of firmware in client’s IP set-top boxes.We can design and develop Internet TV/ Interactive TV for your enterprises as per your brand name and logo. Contact us to know more.