GSM for Remote Islands

GSM for Remote Islands

GSM services on small remote islands off mainland coasts face significant challenges.These islands usually have a small population, no electrical grid (or an unreliable one) and low income levels. They are in urgent need of mobile communication. The key challenge that RK Telesystem is determined to solve is deploying an affordable GSM solution that can easily serve low income rural areas, such as islands.GSM is the most accepted standard, having achieved full economy of scale and will continue to be the standard for coming decades. However,the deployment of traditional GSM transmission equipment is simply too expensive and complex to provide an acceptable business case in low income, rural areas. This is the main reason that these areas lack even basic telephony and data services.

RK Telesystem understands the significant challenges mobile operators experience deploying wireless network solutions in places where electrical grids are nonexistent or unreliable, road access is frequently difficult, and where ARPUs are so low that the operators can’t justify traditional GSM deployment strategies.


RK Telesystem provides a tailored implementation plan that addresses the affordability issues, traffic demand and coverage areas. In addition, the problem of transport under difficult conditions, the lack of reliable mains electricity, the lack of basic telecom engineering skills, and security issues have been solved. In a remote island scenario, most of the coverage area, i.e., 80-90%, is not capacity centric, it is mainly a coverage requirement. However, around 10-20%.

We offer a unique approach to radio network planning, with several important advantages:

  • It allows GSM Network to provide voice and data coverage.
  • It provides an easy entry into previously uncovered areas.
  • It enables low-cost expansion as uptake increases.

All three are achieved by RK Telesystem’s fully sustainable,solar integrated GSM solution using minimal power consumption. This significantly contributes to dramatic CAPEX & OPEX reductions.

Our portable GSM network system can be easily integrated with satellite, VoIP, and fixed line service providers. Through its all-IP approach, it offers backhaul connectivity to the service provider’s network in the mainland, enabling residents to set up an affordable, private network solution for their island.

Key Highlights:

– Small and highly integrated – easy to carry GSM network
– Guaranteed coverage and capacity
– Quick and affordable deployment
– Cascading star architecture
– Local call switching
– Near-zero opex and low capex