Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell

Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell

Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell GTE10


  • Radiated Immunity and Radiated emissions testing
  • Broadband TEM Cell up to 10 GHz
  • Small size, Small footprint for Indoor application
  • High effective shielding to 80dB
  • Specifically designed for all types of Mobile Phones/Biological Samples
  • N Socket RF Connector
  • Highly uniform vertical Electric field <6dB
  • Impedance 50Ohms
  • Broadband from DC-10GHz so no antenna changes
  • Far Field free space condition emulation

 Technical Specifications:

  • Outer Cell Dimension: L: 220cm X B:120cm X H:80cm
  • Approx. Cell Weight: 70kgs
  • Door Dimension: 30cm X 25cm
  • Max Septum Height: 40cm
  • Uniform Field area: W=200mm H=200mm
  • Frequency Range: 9KHz-5GHz RE Test where OATS correlation demonstrated DC-10GHz RI Test Low VSWR to f < 20 GHz; performance dependent on field uniformity tolerance
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connector: N type Socket
  • VSWR Max typical: <1.75:1 <1.5:1 on resistor absorber crossover characteristic frequency
  • Field Uniformity : 0-6dB 75% of points
  • Max CW Input Power : 10W
  • Shielding Effectiveness: >80dB from internal E fields 10KHz-1GHz
    * Custom Electrical Filters
    * Custom Feedthrough Panels
    * EUT XYZ Axis Positioning Device
    * EUT Illumination
    * Forced Ventilation
    * High Power Configuration
    E-Manual: Installation Video for ease of Learning
    Dim: 240X140X100cm

List of Experiments:

  1. Introduction Helmholtz Coil
  2. TEM Field generator
  3. LISN
  4. Probes Set Near field E/H
  5. LF Electromagnetic Detector
  6. Electrical Fast transient generator
  7. EMC Analyser
  8. EM Demo Kit
  9. Software
  10. Emissions reference Source
  11. Tips for Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design
  12. Measurement techniques and test methods
  13. To measure the effectiveness of shielding material.
  14. To locate the source of emissions of a PCB track.
  15. To demonstrate the use of ferrite as HF suppressor.
  16. To measure the induction into conductors.
  17. To analyse tracking of currents on a conducting plane.
  18. To estimate the cross talk on adjacent tracks in a PCB.
  19. To analyse the use of Helmholtz coil for testing magnetic susceptibility.
  20. To analyse the use of TEM field generator for testing radiated electric susceptibility of DUT
  21. To analyse the use of LISN for testing conducted emissions of DUT
  22. Use of a preamp to increase the sensitivity of CRO.
  23. Use of an EMC analyzer with antennas for RE testing.

Shipping List

Sr. No.List Of Items Supplied In Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell Gte10Qty.
1Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell Gte101
2Probes Set1
3Experimental Manual1
4E- Manual Installation Video + Antenna Plotting Software Cd1