Dual Ridge Horn Antenna

Dual Ridge Horn Antenna

1-18 GHz Dual Ridge Horn Antenna

  • Frequency Range : 1-18GHz
  • Gain(Typ.) : 8.5dBi
  • Polarization : Linear
  • VSWR (Typ.) : <2:1
  • 3dB Beam width : 52-24 degree
  • Net Weight : 1.1Kgs
  • Connector : N type Female
  • Mounting Bracket : Aluminum right angled Plates

List of Experiments
  • Radiation pattern of an Omni and directional antenna.
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Circularly polarized antennas.
  • Polarization discrimination linear & circular antennas
  • Resonant and non-resonant antenna, Reciprocity of antenna
  • Current distribution of an antenna, Comparative study of antennas
  • Radiation pattern E & H Plane – Polar & Cartesian Plots
  • Directive gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back ratio,plane of polarization, side lobe level & angle.
  • Antenna parameters: Antenna resonance, VSWR and bandwidth using directional coupler of  ANTENNAS.

Shipping List

Sr. No.List Of Items Supplied In Dual Ridge Horn
2Dual Ridge Horn1
3Universal L Clamp1
4Sma(F) – N(M) Adapter1
5Experimental Manual1
6E- Manual Installation Video + Antenna Plotting Software Cd1