Deployable Cellular Networks

Deployable Cellular Networks

When natural disasters or other destructive events occur, critical to the response is reliable local telecommunications capabilities.

RK Telesystem’ portfolio of infrastructure solutions includes equipment targeted to support rapid deployment and deployable network situations.

Our  2G/4G LTE Network in a Box (NIB) products provide users with a simple and effective solution for enabling wireless communications. Networks can be deployed within minutes for stand-alone use and also easily integrated with external communications networks using IP connectivity and standard VoIP interfaces.

Deployable networks include these features:

• Mobile Group Audio/HD VideoConference Calling
• Mobile & console based group text messaging
• Concurrent Ringing
• Dispatch / Console based management
• Push-to-talk

Our  2G/4G LTE Network in a Box (NIB) System enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network in less than three minutes. This product combines all of the key elements in a cellular network into a single system that is easy to transport and carry. Integration with any external networks can also be supported.

Built for ruggedized mobility,our  2G/4G LTE Network in a Box (NIB) System provides instant mobile manpack radio capabilities in a simple and easy to deploy form factor.  This is an excellent solution for emergency or rapid deployment situations as well as military and other private use case scenarios that require a lightweight, portable, battery operated communications solution.

Technical Specifications:

• Up to 2,000 active users per NIB
• Up to 64 simultaneous VoLTE calls ( 4G LTE NIB)
• Up to 3-5 Kilometers coverage (depending on terrain)
• Battery pack capacity of 4 or 8 hours
• Available in 4G LTE / CDMA / GSM / Wi-Fi