Augmented Reality SDK

Your app – with Augmented Reality
Add the power of augmented reality straight into your mobile app. Our Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (AR SDK) lets you leverage any kind of AR content within your own app. Whether that’s a product visualization to let customers see your products in 3D, a virtual try-on, or selfie filters.
Comprehensive features
We support multiple types of image and entity recognition including barcode and QR all in one scanner. Our SDK is capable of detecting flat and curved markers and tracking AR experiences to them. Our AR SDK also has an incredible 3D engine, both in terms of.
Complete control of content & design
Build your own AR content using our powerful and straightforward our AR platform and AR platform Script tools, then use it in your app. The user interface and experience is customisable to fit your brand.
Add object recognition
Combine our AR SDK with one of our computer vision APIs to add real-time object recognition to your app as well. By combining both products you can recognise a specific object, item of clothing, car or even a face and have relevant AR content displayed on top of it.
Support and consultancy
We’re here to support you. We can build you a custom augmented reality experience for integration into your app , or give you the tools to do it yourself with access to our support services.
Get in touch
Our pricing is dependent on a number of factors: countries of publication, volume of publication and support requirements. Please get in touch so we can prepare a quote.