6 AXIS MATLAB Antenna Positioner System

6 AXIS MATLAB Antenna Positioner System

  • 3D Positioner (with VNA interfacing for Automatic Measurement of 3D pattern, gain measurement,S-parameter etc).
  • Maximum load: 5 to 10 Kg.
  • Azimuthal rotation: 360 degree in 0.1 degree step.
  • Elevation Movement will be +90 degree in 0.1 degree step.
  • Polarization movement: 360 degree in 0.1 degree step.
  • Transmitting antenna Positioner with Laser Alignment.
  • 18GHz Ultra Low loss armored Testing cables (approx. 5 to 10m)
  • Double Ridged Horn Antenna:800 MHz to 18 GHz- 2 Nos.Planar Horn: 400MHz to 2 GHz- 2 Nos.
  • Connectors & adapters: SMA(F) to SMA(F) Adapter- Panel mount; N(F) to N(F) adapter- Panel Mount as required.
  • 3D Visualization and Data Acquisition Software.


RK Telesystem is offering complete set of 6 axis positioner & accessories required for antenna positioning for farfield
pattern plotting. As against rotary tables which have been the common practice, we offer state of the art 6 axis positioner for research and development & measurement in antennas. It provides all the degrees of freedom required for antenna pattern measurement. One is able to hold the antenna from the back lobe and rotate the antenna by 360 degree along horizontal plane for azimuthal measurements. Over 90 degree of rotation in
vertical plane is used for elevation plane measurements. 360 degree of rotation in boresight axis is used for polarisation analysis. The X, Y, Z axis help in adjustment of phase center with rotation axis. A laser pointer helps in alignment of antenna under test with reference Tx antenna. The stepper motor controlled rotator is controlled by PC using software provided.

The data acquisition system software controls the axis motors and synchronizes the VNA to record the RF level corresponding to different angular locations. The data array is then used to synthesize the pattern in 3D for visualization as per IEEE norms. Low loss cables armored cables connect the Reference and test antennas to the VNA (provided by the customer). The system is able to interface to Keysight, R&S, Anritsu, Planar brands of
VNA’s. A pair of dual ridge horn antennas with calibration charts complete the measurement setup for measuring the gain of the test antenna. Pyramidal absorbers are used to shroud the antenna rotator to reduce the radar cross section and reduce the induction in near field. This enables the antenna to be measured in near anechoic field and obviates the need for anechoic chamber for >50% of antenna measurements. For R&D a quick first pass of measurement is desired for faster iterations and emphasis is mostly on main lobe, gain, beamwidth, side lobe
levels etc. Only when the need is to characterize these with a higher order of accuracy and <-20dB side lobe levels do we really would require an anechoic chamber.

Hardware Technical Specifications

No of Axis                                                     : 6 (Linear + Rotary)
Accuracy                                                       : 0.1 degree/0.1 mm
Repeatability                                                 : 0.1 degree/0.1 mm
Max travel speed                                          : 5 degree/10mm per second
Maximum Load                                             : 5 Kgs
Load dimensions                                          : <300mm XYZ
Travel range
Azimuth                                                        : 360 degrees
Elevation                                                      : +90 degrees
Polarisation                                                  : 360 degrees
X                                                                  : 500 mm
Y                                                                  : 500 mm
Z                                                                  : 500 mm
Material                                                       : Aluminum alloy
Finish                                                          : Low Radar cross section
Motor                                                          : Std. Nema23/34 stepper motor
Rating                                                         : 2 Amp/Phase
Resolution                                                  : 1.8 degree per step
Controller output                                        : 4 amps peak current
Control                                                       : 6 axis independent /simultaneous
Motor type                                                 : 2/4 phase bipolar stepper
Communication                                         : USB
Microcontroller                                          : 32 bit
Power Input                                              : 90-260 Volts AC
Radar Cross Section                                : -20dBsm
Software                                                   : USB Interface for motion control, USB/LAN for VNA data acquisition and motorsynchronization. 3D visualization of antenna pattern, polar plotting with log, linear cartesian and polar plots, Multiple pattern overlay, 3dB/10dB beamwidth, Gain, Front to back, Side lobe level and position,Plot rotate, File- edit, save,get, Export to csv/xls format,Compatibility : Keysight, Anritsu, R&S,Planar VNA
Ridge Horn                                               : 0.8-18 GHz X 2 Nos.
Gain                                                         : 8dBi
Polarisation                                              : Linear
Beamwidth                                               : 52-24 degrees
VSWR                                                      : <2:1
Mounting plate                                         : For antenna
Planar Horn                                             : 0.4-2GHz
Gain                                                         : <6dBi
Polarization                                              : Linear
Microwave Cable                                     : SMA-SMA cables 3m, 2 nos
Insertion Loss                                          : 6dB 12-18 GHz
Dimensions                                             : 24 inch X 24 inch Panels- 10 Nos
Absorbers                                                : EM Lossy PU Foam
Pyramidal Reflection                               : -25dB @ 10GHz
Equivalent RCS                                       : -30dBsm 10-18GHz

List of Experiments
  1. 3D Radiation pattern of antenna.
  2. To plot the radiation pattern of an omnidirectional antenna.
  3. To plot the radiation pattern of a directional antenna
  4. To measure axial ratio and cross polarization discrimination of vertically horizontally and circularly polarized antennas.
  5. To measure the VSWR of the antenna
  6. To demonstrate that transmitting and receiving patterns of an antenna are equal and hence confirm the reciprocity theorem of antennas
  7. To plot the radiation pattern (E & H Plane Polar & Cartesian Plots on Log/Linear scale of an antenna on PC.
  8. To measure the ANTENNA PARAMETERS (directivity, gain, beam width (Half Power/10dB), front to back ratio, plane of polarization, cross polarization discrimination,side lobe level and its angular position from polar plot, VSWR/return loss) of Dipole.
  1. To measure antenna parameters of Yagi.
  2. To measure antenna parameters of Slot.
  3. To measure antenna parameters of Transformer fed Patch and inset fed Patch.
  4. To measure parameters of right circularly polarized patch and left circularly polarized patch.
  5. To measure antenna parameters of Spiral & Spiral Slot.
  6. To measure the cross polarization discrimination for circular.
  7. To measure antenna parameters of Log Periodic.
  8. To measure antenna parameters of Circular patch.
  9. To measure antenna parameters of Folded Dipole.
  10. To measure antenna parameters of Loop.
  11. To measure parameters of Endfire and Broadside array.
  12. To measure antenna parameters of Patch array 2X2, and Dual Patch.
  13. To measure antenna parameters of monopole.
  14. To measure antenna parameters of Pyramidal Horn (E plane Horn, H plane Horn and open waveguide antenna.
  15. To measure antenna parameters conical Horn.
  16. To measure parameters of monopole.
  17. To measure antenna parameters of Slot Narrow Wall & Broad Wall slot Antenna
  18. To measure parameters of Parabolic dish.
  19. To measure antenna parameters of Patch array 4X4, Patch array 2X2, Dual Patch array, Inset fed Patch, Circularly Polarized Patch antenna
  20. To measure antenna parameters of Helix RHCP & LHCP.
Shipping List
Sr. No.List Of Items Supplied In 6 Axis Matlab Antenna Positioner System
16 Axis Matlab Antenna Positioner System
2Controller Unit + Power Cord1
3Non Radiating Monopods2
4SMA(M) – SMA(M) Armoured Cables 5m2
5SMA(M) – N(M) Adapters2
6SMA(F) – N(M) Adapters For Network Analyser2
7N(M) – N(F) Right Angle Adapter2
8SMA(F) – SMA(F) Adapters2
9N(M) – N(M) Adapter2
10Ridge Horn2
11Absorber Panel With Mount1
12Allen Key1
14SMA Pigtail Cable- N Flange Adapter Assembly To Be Fixed On Monopod’s Top1
15Ground Plane Sheet 30cm X 30 Cm2
16Antenna Plotting Software CD1
17Experimental Manual1
18Universal L Clamp2
19Log Periodic Microstrip2
20E Field Probe1
21H Field Probe1
22Magnetic Loop1