5G Massive MIMO Lab Kit

5G Massive MIMO Lab Kit

Key Features:

  • Ready to use 5G multi user Massive MIMO testbed
  • Powerful: Process in real-time up to 250 MHz bandwidth with up to 1000 antennas
  • Includes TDD and reciprocity calibration (basic FDD support)
  • Precise timing synchronization and phase alignment
  • MU-MIMO detection and pre-coding (lowest turnaround time)
  • Switch between remote and co-located radioheads
  • Prototype 5G waveforms and validate propagation in real environment
  • Validate interoperability scenarios
  • Develop and validate analytic channel models
  • Interface with external millimeter wave front-end



Unrestricted data throughput channel aggregation, required for Massive MIMO baseband processing. Avoid standard backplane bandwidth restriction and undeterministic communication protocol.

distributed fpga clusters

Scalable baseband processing through a modular approach and user-defined mesh topology. Benefits from the most advanced industry telecom standards (MTCA + ATCA + FMC).

Through the use of standard FMC radio head modules, the testbed is fully upgradable to next generation radio modules including wider bandwidth and tuning range. Radio modules can be replaced with IQ sampler (ADC/DAC) modules to support OTA real-time baseband bandwidth of up to 250 MHz (see TitanMIMO-X Series).