4G LTE Rural Solutions

4G LTE Rural Solutions

Providing a cost-effective wireless rural service has always been a challenge.Targeted coverage of user’s homes is required, with bandwidth demand normally much higher than typical mobile users. While wireline connectivity (FTTx, DSL) is the optimal solution for Rural Broadband, the cost of providing wired backhaul to each home is extremely high in rural areas.

RK Telesystem offers 4G LTE solution tailored to address the rural challenge, with wireline-like performance at a fraction of the cost.

Pushing small cells closer to where they’re needed provides a “Targeted Service” and is a more cost-effective solution, offering much higher performance.

Creating smaller coverage areas serviced by each small cell removes the complexity and costs associated with high gain antenna home installations. In addition, smaller coverage areas ensure that spectrum is easily reused across the deployment, providing an effective throughput an order of magnitude better than typical Macro deployments.

RK Telesystem can help remove the Digital Divide, enabling development to reach underdeveloped regions, and the country to leapfrog.We may connect rural areas with our 4G LTE networks for voice, data and video connectivty, it becomes fertile ground for inhabitants to achieve better productivity in all aspects of life, as well as enabling the government to reach the last mile and further its development agenda.

How can a RK Telesystem set up a 4G LTE site in rural area with various development agenda?

Devices including computers, tablets and smartphones that are capable of connecting to the Internet are fast penetrating into the deepest interiors of the world today. Digital connectivity often stops well short of rural and remote areas not because of technical infeasibility, but because of business reasons. Telecom operators, both fixed and mobile find the business case of providing connectivity in such areas unprofitable because of large Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) for laying fibre, erecting towers and installing expensive base-stations and high recurrent Operational Expenditure (OPEX) for fuel for generators, security etc.

In such a scenario, alternative solutions must be employed to make the business case viable for extremely sparsely distributed and small populations. Solutions such as RK Telesystem 4G LTE rural site, for example, make this not only feasible but profitable for subscriber populations as low as 300 (which means that villages with a total population of less than 1000 now become viable for setting up mobile and broadband networks).Operators may generate revenues from local state governments by offering their e-administatitive services on 4G LTE rural site, e-education, e-healthcare,e-agriculture and e-governance.The hallmarks of such a solution are

  • Wireless technology instead of fibre
  • Easily transportable and erectable towers
  • Solar panels with battery backup for ensuring always-on, low powered base stations
  • Remote controlled configuration and monitoring
  • Broadband through 4G LTE and Wi-Fi both
  • Surveillance and Public Address (PA) System
  • Interconnect arrangements with incumbent state order

         4G LTE Rural Solution with Viable business Case for operators


Because agriculture is the mainstay of most villages, the effects that digital connectivity can have on the farmers’ lives are tremendous. Information about weather, agricultural inputs, sowing and harvesting methods is vital, but far more important is the ability to find access to finance and markets, and the facility to bank online. our 4G LTE rural site solution may empower rural people to connect with rest of the world through high-speed wireless connectivity.


The most obvious benefits are digitization of records, attendance and examination papers. But the gains are much more far-reaching in the area of e-Education. Students can not only get access to instant information about anything, but learn much better when digital classrooms open up the possibility of live and experiential education. A digital classroom is often no more than a connected computer attached to a projector, but it opens up new magical worlds to students.Learning becomes much more fun, and enrollment increases dramatically. What’s more, the fun can multiply many times over when tablets are distributed, or when students use smartphones even when classes are over!

RK Telesystem offers end-to-end digital education solutions for virtaul classrooms and e-education services in rural areas. Contact us for turnkey solution for digital education based on  4G LTE connectivity.


Connectivity ensures that lives are not put at risk because of lack of contact. Ambulances are now within reach, and lives can be saved through speedy action. Rural people are able to take online e-clinic consultation from expert doctors, make online appointments and discuss their cases. Records can be digitized and shared. Basic consultation can be delivered online. Plus villagers can watch video content about various illnesses and conditions and take first-level action themselves (eg in pregnancies). What’s more, Blood Pressure measurements and even ECGs can be conducted at connected terminals with basic help and guidance.


Citizens’ connectivity with governments facilitates a number of things. They not only get to know of policies, rules and procedures, but can transact to get things accomplished more conveniently. Filling forms, registering vehicles, obtaining identification cards, passports and even paying taxes are now much easier and obviate the need for travel and queuing up. What’s more, local politicians and officials now become more accessible and answerable. Corruption potential is reduced, and governments can be held accountable. Governments find they can conduct a virtual dialogue with citizens, as communication and feedback become instantaneous and interactive on digital media.