3D Designing & Modelling

3D Designing & Modelling

3D Modeling gives better understand about the nature of an object or space. With the effective use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), the virtual layout of any product can be better grasped and formed to an end result. By using the CAD method, the visualization and alteration of any given model of a product can become much easier. We  utilize these sorts of programs to deliver a virtual prototype that’s rather more tangible than any 2D model. Moreover, an animated 3D model can display all of the outlines and details down to the fine points and therefore gives our client a better understanding of the end result product.

3d designing and modeling performed in lbd makers' studio


Basically there are six potential phases to design a project. Some part design processes may require all six phases and a few could also be complete once at either the second or third phases.  Whatever our clients part design needs, we try as much as possible to give our best as we understand all the project phases.The sections below explain more details on the design process phases.


The part design process is the major design process to create custom and standard parts in your design. This section deals with the aspects of creating features, editing components, and applying modifications to components.


Part design may be facilitated by joining selected parts into individual assemblies or even sub-assemblies, according to the project. The designer can create necessary assemblies, add or remove shapes or parts within the assembly, or resize/move all components of an assembly simultaneously.  Moreover, an assembly always maintains the individuality of its components.


This environment allows designer to form technical drawings from 3D data or create 2D data from scratch. This environment is used to craft views, annotate, print, and export final 2D details designs as well as to creating 2D concepts and production drawings.


Sharing data between various other systems is a common practice in design. Data can be imported with the aim of using in the designing and data can be exported to other design systems or maybe used for viewing and manufacturing.


In the design process, it may be necessary for the designer to communicate the design basically as concepts or final productions outside of the design group. One method to achieve this is to create a photo-realistic rendering of the 3D model.


Smart Motions are the animation feature which provides the functionality to transform a static scene into an animated presentation.

Animation such as film and television is mostly based on illusion. Which means If a sequence of drawings is presented in rapid succession, the perceptual system fuses the individual images into an apparently continuous motion.  In computer animation, the computer generates every single of the individual images, or frames, from a high-level description of the movement. The animation feature which is Smart motion will makes these high level movements reusable on any part. We as can also save custom Smart Motions in a catalog for future use.


Today, many companies make use of 3D designing to help them create, design and market their unique products. 3D models, design and printing are useful in such a way that they are an effective way of presenting a product idea to other people within the company as well as to potential customers.

After a brainstorming session, they can be altered quickly and new suggestions and ideas can be incorporated without too much of a hassle. This also helps in enhancing the company’s marketing efforts. This is because 3D designing has animation functionality and the product’s abilities and features can be showcased effectively and in a very attractive manner.

3d designing and modeling performed in lbd makers' studio


If you’re searching for knowledgeable, professional, and educated 3D Design firm that can utilize the technologies of 3D modeling from the earlier stage of the design process to its end, it’s advisable to option-in for 3D product design and modeling services that are qualitative, timely and at the same time with effective price.

We offer the highest level of prototype. We make the maximize use of the newest technology and equipments to transform your design to a full scale prototype. We use advanced tools such as 3D printing, which is called RAPID PROTOTYPING. The rapid prototyping has brought about a new era in prototyping. This accepts CAD files generated by the Computer and transform it into a true and real 3D object.

Before, rapid prototyping services come in existence, creating a working prototype always required a lot of manual and hard labor. However these days with the assistance of computer 3D models of products, the ability to create a prototype became much easier and cheaper to make.

RK Telesystem will facilitate all your needs for designing a product from the earlier stage of your concept, through all the stages until the end product. We transform our clients’ ideas into reality through professional knowledge and experience. Our company is lead by expert designers and settled in India.