Your Own Website For Your Practice

The Virtual Practice provides a web presence to showcase all your practice, as well as supporting premium patient engagement services.

Your website offers patients

Integrated Patient Portal

Remote Monitoring 

Patient Testimonials

Text Consultations


Appointment Booking

Practice & Staff information


Practice Location

Online Payment Support

Telemedicine services

Any Add-on

Your Online Presence

Your Virtual Practice websites serves as your own customized online presence, showcasing your practice and its many services

Your Own Domain

Customize your website by mapping it to a domain address of your choice, to make it easier for patients to find online.

Online payments

Your website also works as a new revenue stream for your practice. In addition to providing practice information to patients, your patients can pay for their online consultations through your website's online payment gateway.

Easily Update Content

Add, remove or update content on your website as you see fit. Update details about your practice, staff, change banner images and logo whenever you want, without a website developer.

Remote Monitoring

Your Virtual Practice Remote Monitoring plans for chronic care or healthcare management will be visible to patients on your website. They will have the option to subscribe to one of your plans, allowing you to grow the number of patients associated with your practice.

Integrated patient portal

Unlike ordinary websites, your website serves as a gateway to your web patient portal, where patients can book appointments, ask questions, view your remote monitoring plans or just register with your practice.

Text Consultations

Once set up on your Virtual Practice, your website will also give patients and visitors the option to ask a health question and pay for their text consultation online, helping your grow your practice.

Telemedicine services

Make your website stand out from the competition. Your Virtual Practice website showcases your telemedicine services to patient visitors, which is in-built, ready-to-use and configure in a few minutes.

Mobile responsive

Your website is mobile responsive as well. This means that in addition to being accessible from desktops and laptops, your patients can also access and view it on mobile browsers.

Ready for Your Custom Website

Start your online presence of the Virtual Practice today to set up your website and services