Take your school at next level with RKTPL School App

RKTPL's School App is a state of the art school management software which helps school manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, stock, timetable, staff, salary, notifications, scholar, documents, transport, online examination, hostel, etc. The School App is a revolutionary mobile/tablet communication tool between a school, its students and their parents which helps keep the parents informed, happy and impressed.


RKTPL's School App is flexible, scalable, reliable, inexpensive, robust, easy to use, secure and all the other good adjectives in the dictionary. But what gives us the edge over the competition? We give you all the right reasons! Other then the awesomeness which is hardwired into RKTPL's School App, we offer the following unique benefits:

  • Branded Apps:Carry your brand into the digital world! App listing in Google Play Store with your school name and logo.
  • Automation:Data entry automation by tight integrations with GPS, barcode, Attendance machines, mobile Phones
  • Helper Apps:Supplementary App to help with data entry. App for teacher to simulate any scholar account in class.
  • Premium Support:Same business day remote support over phone and screen sharing. Report and receipt customization.
  • Compliance:Reports,certificates & receipts as per CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board guidelines.
  • Community Power:RKTPL's School grows with inputs from customers & the benefits are passed to all users for free.
  • Multilingual:We speak your language. Unicode is supported by most of the forms, reports and apps in RKTPL's School App.
  • 3rd Party Aware: RKTPL School App is Excel friendly. Data can be imported from your old software and exported to Tally easily.
  • SMS Friendly:SMS integration in key modules help you reach out to parents on basic phones. SMS can be sent in local language also.
    *18p per SMS
  • Dynamic Website:CBSE compliant mobile friendly connected website for school including hosting, domain registration & domain emails.
    *  7000/year + taxes.


  • School Calendar:Access your school calendar from various perspectives : Academic, examination, festivals, cultural, religious, etc. (as defined by the school).
  • Results: Stay informed about your scholar's performance.
  • Library:Account for every book. Enable patrons to browse through the library and check availability.
  • Attendance:Track student attendance and inform parents instantly about child absence.
  • Bus Tracking: Know the exact location of the bus in which your child is traveling in real time on a map.
  • Fees:Make fee payments on mobile. Track fees schedule, fee paid, upcoming installment and pending installments for all the fee to be paid.
  • School Diary:A complete timeline view of informational, homework, fees, results related information being sent by the school on a regular basis.
  • Gallery: Catch the glimpses of your school's photos, videos and watch live events.



Stock Management:

  • Item Master : Define items by name, unit of measurement and tag them with autofill categories.
  • Purchase : Mark purchase of the item along with date, quantity, amount and vendor.
  • Issue : Issue items to members of staff. Hold accountability.
  • Register : Stock register with single view of purchase, issue and balance quantity of any item. Searchable by item name or category name.
  • Purchase Details : View summarized purchase and issue details for each item right from the stock register.
  • Export : Export list of items, stock register, purchase register or Issue register to pdf to print them easily



  • Add/update/delete students information
  • Get feedback from Students/Parents
  • Add/update/delete teachers information
  • Manage transportation details
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Edit system settings
  • A Manage logins for students/parents/teachers.
  • Send Message to Teacher/Parents/Students
  • Manage school events


  • View teacher’s profile
  • View school events in calendar
  • View Student’s marks/attendances and other comments
  • Send feedback/message to teacher
  • View Student’s class routine
  • See overall performance of Student’s class
  • View school transportation and routes
  • Manage own profile

Fee Management 


  • Independent Sessions :RKTPL's School App treats each school session independently. This means, fee configurations of one session do not impact other session. You have the option to define start date and end date of each session seperately or define it globally for all sessions.
  • Fee Heads : Define heads and group them as per school fee structure.RKTPL's School App also supports optional fee heads.
  • Course Setup : Define classes and group them by fee slabs.
  • Definition : Define yearly fee expectations by fee heads for each fee slab.
  • Installments : Define installment dates for when the fee is due.
  • Fine : Define rules for fine calculation.
  • Concessions : Give discount to students on percentage or in terms of amount. Use templates for common discounts like RTE, BPL, staff child, sibling, etc.
  • Payments : Accept partial payments or complete payments. Inbuilt checks to prevent overcharging and optional locks to enforce fee for previous session is paid first.
  • Modes : Supports multiple modes of payment : School, Bank, Cheque, Cash. Mechanism to auto cancel fee if cheque bounces.
  • Receipt : Customized Fee receipt in multiple formats. Next due date and amount mentioned on receipt. Receipt cancellation with comments.
  • Explanation : Head month wise bifurcation of amount displayed on screen. Complete history of payments received in the given session.
  • Reports : Multiple reports for fee collection,concessions, upcoming expectation, reconciliation, cheque clearance, refunds and defaulters. Daybook on email.
  • Refund : Calculate and provide refunds for students leaving school in between sessions.
  • Serial Print : Export all receipts in a given serial number range to single pdf in any of the available fee receipt formats.
  • Delay Application : Accepts delay application from parents and optionally generates defaulter list without delay applications until date mentioned in application.


School Calendar 

  • Synced : Tightly coupled with student Attendance, mark holidays in either place and see it reflect across.
  • Categorize : Define event categories to your heart’s content and select color of the category to be shown in app and all reports.
  • Events : Define calendar events and associate them with various categories and classes. Event could span across multiple days.
  • Greetings : Associate greetings with events and send automated app notifications to all parents on the given date.
  • Copy : Copy events from some or all categories to next session.
  • Export : Export yearly calendar to pdf.
  • View : View Calendar for Day, month or week.

Student Registration


  • Standard : Complete and comprehensive student information management with barcode and option to capture student photos every year.
  • Customize : Define fields particular to your school along with default values and option to make them mandatory.
  • Greetings : Send App notifications for Birthdays, anniversary or any other date of importance for student and his parents.
  • 360 feedback : Notification sent to parent as soon as student detail is updated. That way parents keep a check on data sanity.
  • Student list : Filter student list based on multiple inbuilt and custom defined fields.
  • Mass edit : Edit all details of selected set of students in a grid based display.
  • Save Report : Choose which columns to display in student report and save the options as a named report.
  • Class Promotion : Easily promote or fail students to carry forward class to next session.


Result Management

  • Exam Structure : Highly flexible exam structure. Supports grading as well as marking schema. Works for CBSE CCE, state boards and all other major national and international boards.
  • CCE : Comprehensive and Complete Evaluation. Upto date with latest CCE guidelines.
  • Report Formats : Several report card formats to choose from. Customize your report with school headers. Choose different header for different classes.
  • Notifications : Choose to send instant notifications to parents as marks are entered for some or all exams. Marks can also be sent to parents via SMS or App at a later date.
  • Marks entry : Grid based entry form for entering marks for various exams. Inbuilt checks to prevent giving more than 100% marks to students.
  • Lock Exam : Admin control to lock any data entry in specific or all exams of the session.
  • Export blank : Export and print blank mark slips as per exam structure defined to aid in the process of data entry.
  • Teacher based locking : Allow only assigned teachers to enter marks of their own subjects. Minimize interference and chances of mistake.
  • Electives : Handle elective subjects. For optional subjects show only elected subjects in report cards.
  • Administrative Reports : Reports containing individual exam based marks, averages, totals, weighted averages and consolidated results for the school, exportable to excel.
  • Student reports : Generate student report cards as pdf with one click for the entire class.
  • Appreciation : Generate appreciation cards for merit holders.

Multiple Users

  • Unlimited users : Create unlimited users with various levels of authorization to use the system.
  • Admin Control : Admin has the rights to change passwords or reveal passwords in case user forgets.
  • Associate staff : Choice to associate staff with users. This will be useful if you would like to limit teachers to modify marks for their subjects only. Option to turn this feature on or off.
  • Authorization : Single screen to manage permissions to users for all modules in RKTPL's School App. Read only permission allows access to a section but not modification of data.
  • Menu Control : Non - admin user sees only those sections in the menu, which he is given permission to. For sections where he has read only permission, he sees no option to submit changes.

Student ID Card


  • Formats : Multiple formats to choose from. Prepare ID Cards in Standard Credit size, in accordance with ISO/IEC 7810#ID-1.
  • Orientation : Landscape or Portrait mode to choose from.
  • Automation : NFC / RFID Cards (available at an additional price) to automate attendance by tapping card on companion machine Helper.
  • App : Helper Android App to hasten the process of taking student pictures and assign Cards to them.
  • QR Code : QR Code for each student, assisting in data entry.
  • Reports : Reports to identify students who have not been given cards or whose photo have not been clicked.


Home Work


  • Subject wise : Grid based entry system with sections for each class section and rows for all defined subjects.
  • Import : Option to import homework from excel.
  • Save : Enter partial homework and save if you are not ready to send yet.
  • Generate Excel : Generate excel student wise with mobile numbers and comma separated homework. Archive or send SMS externally.
  • Notifications : Send homework over App and optionally on SMS for students who have not installed the app.
  • Unicode : Send homework in multiple languages.


Staff Management


  • Staff Register : Manage complete staff information. Get a printable list of staff members filterable on several parameters.
  • Activation : activate and deactivate staff members as they join and leave.
  • Documents : Digitize and attach all documents related to a staff member. This makes it easy to locate the document later on when needed.
  • Teacher Duties : Assign subject duties to teachers for various class and sections. Assigning duty is necessary for generating timetable via the premium timetable module.
  • Subject duties : Assign teacher duties class wise. It is another view of the teacher duties form, here you assign teachers to subjects by selecting class first.
  • Department : Define departments as per school administrative structure.
  • Roles : Define roles under each department to further classify staff members.



  • Update/delete students information
  • Update/delete parents information
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Add/update/delete Class Events
  • Send email notifications to all users
  • Manage subjects/attendance/exams/classes


  • View teacher’s profile
  • View school transportation and routes
  • View subject details
  • View school events in calendar
  • View marks and attendances
  • Send feedback/message to administration/teachers/students
  • View class routine

School Attendance

  • Holidays : Mark Holidays independently for different class sections. Mark holidays for multiple days (Ex: Summer Vacation) for the whole school.
  • Special Days : Define day as special day, which is a working day when all students will be marked present (Ex: Sports Day, parent’s meeting, etc).
  • Leave : Manage scholar leaves with reason.
  • Daily Attendance : Mark Attendance by roll number or scholar number. Instantly inform parents via App and SMS.Enter attendance via Excel.
  • Monthly Report : Attendance grid for every class section with days as columns and students as rows. Session and month percentage with details of gender and caste at the bottom. Exportable to excel and pdf.
  • Filtering Report : Filter attendance based on attendance percentage, RTE or continuous absence. Generate appreciation cards.
  • Daily Summary : Single page report to show daily absent, leave and percentages class section wise and overall for each day.

Document Management

  • Digitize : Scan and associate all incoming documents of the students, employees and buses. Upload multiple docs.
  • Categorize : Define categories for documents.
  • Renewals : Be reminded about when a document is about to expire. Get reports for upcoming and overdue renewals.
  • Generate : Generate TC, Scholar register, Bonafide, Character Certificate, School Fee, School Fee Paid certificate for students in CBSE formats and other complaint formats.

Transport Management

  • Configure : Buses, drivers, routes, assignments.
  • GPS : Track all buses in real time. Allow parents to view moving bus of their child. Analyze trips for over stoppages, unofficial stops, delays and overspeeding.
  • GPS Health Monitor : Constant monitor to see if GPS devices are active and functioning.
  • Log Books : Mechanisms to capture daily run kilometers, fuel consumption, mishaps, expense and maintenance.
  • Export blank : Export and print blank logbook, fuel book and maintenance books as per structure defined to aid in the process of data entry.
  • Comprehensive Reports : Summarized and Detailed reports of Maintenance, Arrival/Departure, Trip wise bus stop schedules, milage, bus document renewals.

Library Management

  • Accession Register : Maintain accession register for all books in your library with details of supplements, multimedia and withdrawal.
  • Categorize : Define category of books on the fly and tag multiple categories to books to help patrons easily search and explore.
  • Issue : Issue books to scholars and teachers. Mention expected return date.
  • Search : Search books by parameters such as : author, publisher, category, category, title, accession ID, issue status.
  • Returns : Easily accept returns from search page.
  • Barcode : Supports all major barcode formats.
  • Mobile Access Catalogue : With the RKTPL's School App, patrons can easily browse and explore, can view their due dates and issues and get information of when an issued book will be available.
  • Supplements Register : Maintain separate register for supplements, magazines and newspapers.
  • Defaulters : Generate list of patrons with overdue books.


  • Informational : Send informational message to selected set of students, which can be filtered based on several criterias such as class, caste, bus stop, gender, House, etc
  • SMS & App : Send messages to students on SMS and or App.
  • Attachments : Send App notifications with Attachments. Notifications can be sent in unicode.
  • Marks Notification : Filter and send mark notification to students for marks entered based on several criteria along with option to send only those marks which have not been notified earlier.
  • Cloud Queue : Get status and details of all App notifications and SMS sent to students. Works as a dashboard to check what is sent to whom, when.
  • App install report : Filtered report to know details of app installations by school parents. Answers questions regarding usage and pending installations. Helps in rollout.
  • Automation : Automatic notifications for Calendar events and specific events of importance to students such as birthdays, parent anniversary, etc.

Master Setup


  • Class Group : Group classes and name the group to use across various other reports and forms.
  • Banners : Customize and upload banners for report cards, TC, daybook, fee receipt and all major outputs from School App
  • Open Session : Declare a session open or close for non - admin users. If a session is declared as close, non - admin users are not allowed to login to that session.
  • Define session : Define start date and end date for session. All validations in accordance to this definition. Session dates can also be defined globally for sessions where it is not to be defined explicitly.
  • Customize Scholar : Define fields particular to your school for scholar register along with default values and option to make them mandatory. Backup : Automated daily backups of entire database. Sleep peacefully.


Vacancy Management

  • Configure : Define next class for each class. Record Scholar numbers for scholars who have applied for TC in the middle of the session for next session.
  • Intake : Intake in each class section can be defined.
  • Admissions : System detects total admissions for the current session.
  • Promotions : No of students promoted from previous session to given class section.
  • Unpromoted : Students who have not yet been promoted due to reasons such as fee payments or awaited supplementary result.
  • Calculate : Vacancy = (Intake + TC Apps) - (Promoted + Unpromoted + Admissions).
  • Vacancy Report : Single page report for vacancy across various class sections and overall empty seats in schools in this session as on date.

Online Examination 

  • Question Bank : Create your own question bank. Enter directly in the system or upload from excel. Enter questions in multiple language, attach images with questions.
  • Topics : Tag each question with multiple topics and define its difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Subjective/Objective : Define wether a question is subjective or objective. Define options and correct answer for objective questions.
  • Create Test : Create and schedule test to be taken by students.
  • Randomize : Generate questions for the test by selecting from the question bank or asking the system to randomly generate from the bank by specifying no of questions, topic and difficulty level.
  • Generate password : Generate password slip for students to take the test. New password generated for each student and each test schedule.
  • Take Test : Students take test by logging in to the system with the password generated for this test. Questions appear in the same order for everyone, but options are shuffled.
  • Analyze Results : Analyze results after the test and view correct percentage by question and by students. After test time is over, when students login using test password, they see correct answers and their attempts for each question.
  • Notify : Results sent to parents on the app as soon as test is taken by the students.
  • Send to App : Entire test is available on the app along with corrected answer and student options, once the test time is over.
  • Associate CCE : Option to associate Online exam results with any exam created for the report card. If selected, marks obtained by student in online examination are automatically weight averaged and entered in the relevant section.

School Time Table:

  • Seasons : Completely configurable. Define seasons, periods by classes, break times, teacher engagements and fixed periods.
  • Double periods : Define number of single and double period for each subject.
  • Optional Subjects : Define subjects which are optional in class, so that timetable generates period for two optional subjects at the same time.
  • Combine classes : Option to define combine classes for a subject. This way scheduling algorithm makes sure both classes and relevant teacher is free during the time.
  • Generate : Generate timetable for all defined criteria. As this is a time taking process, sit back and see logs of time table generation.
  • Fragment : Once time table is generated, you can fragment it further if you feel a specific teacher is being over burdened.
  • Class wise : View and print time table class and section wise.
  • Teacher Wise : View and print time table individually for all teachers.
  • Substitution : Define substitution groups and generate substitute timetable when teachers are absent or on leave.
  • Export Configuration : Export printable time table configuration in pdf for review and planning.


Payroll Management

  • Attendance : Manage Staff Attendance by entering information in the system or by importing excel. Import excel is useful in case integration is required with biometric machine or other attendance machines.
  • Holidays : Define staff working days and holidays independently from scholar working days.
  • Leaves : Record leave with reason for staff members across range of days for which leave is applied.
  • Salary Heads : Define salary heads and classify them as basic, payable or deductible heads.
  • Define Salary : Define payables, deductibles and basic for all staff members. Define date range for validity of salary. This is helpful to track historical data when staff receives a raise.
  • Loans : Give loans to staff members and define installments in which it will be repaid. Track loan history of employee.
  • Salary Payment : Make payment of salary, in grid based display with automated calculations of loan installments, payables, deductibles and CL deductions.
  • EPF / ESIC : EPF and ESIC deductions and reports.
  • Reports : Generate monthly reports, payslips and bank letters for employees salary transfer. Export options for excel and pdf.

For Further Information

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