Medical Practice Management software enables hospitals to better serve their patients. Improved quality of patient care & increased nursing & doctor's productivity Accurate and fast patient discharging . Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks.

With your app your patients can

All the benefits you want, none of the hassle

It handles all the hassles of managing a business. Perfect for new and established businesses.


Reduce your patient waiting hours and make your scheduling proper medicine.


It captures vital sign and medication error free e-prescription reduce your work load.


This is the only product to deliver integrated medical practice management with pharmacy system reduce maximum medication error


Patient previous visit information and prescribed drug information, and vital sign details allow practitioners for quick understanding of patients.


It provided updated < 1,25,000 Drug database with a 40 drug specification list and alerts to the system.


Unlike many other software systems which provide just Clinic or Pharmacy or any one feature, we provide all in one system.

Mobile App Features

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Schedule text/video consultation sessions based on your convenience

  • Plan your schedule:Set suitable appointment slots for Video Consultations, to balance your clinic schedule with  text/video consultation sessions.
  • Define time slots:Choose how long you would like your text/video consultation sessions to go on. Define a suitable time slot to better assess your patients.
  • Manage your time:Confirm, cancel or re-schedule text/video consultation appointments to suit your availability so that your time is managed effectively
  • Reduce No-Shows:Limit no-shows with text/video consultation appointments confirmations and reminders about upcoming text/video consultation sessions.


Collect payments for your text/video consultation session online

  • Define pricing:You have the flexibility to price and charge patients (or keep it free) for text/video consultation session as your see fit.
  • Online payments:Upfront payments for your text/video consultation sessions before the session is due to start, to confirm participation.
  • Online billing:Generate bills for Video Consultations on your Virtual Practice to keep track of revenue generated for text/video consultation services.

Access patient health records during video sessions to help with diagnosis

  • Effective diagnosis:Access to patient Personal Health Records and health trackers is available during text/video consultation sessions, helping you diagnose and treat patients effectively.
  • Direct interaction:Whether on your desktop or mobile phone, Video Consultations help you interact with patients just as you would at your clinic.
  • Audio mode:Connectivity issues do not need to affect your interaction. Switch to an audio-only mode to resume sessions interrupted by poor connectivity.
  • Manage from anywhere:Your text/video consultation appointments and sessions can be managed from anywhere, on the web or mobile app.
Share post-session summaries with patients to improve adherence
  • Consultation Notes:Create notes about your text/video consultation sessions with patients to include goals, medications prescribed, invoices, follow up appointments or care plans you may have discussed.
  • ePrescriptions: Online prescriptions for text/video consultation sessions which can be sent to patients or printed on your clinic letter-head.
  • Consultation summary:Share a summary via email with patients, including key aspects discussed during your session, for better medication adherence

Follow up with patients on their progress

  • Patient-initiated:Patients can book follow-up appointments to their clinic visits or online consultations and consult with your via Video Consultations
  • Provider-initiated:Book follow-up text/video consultation sessions for patients who may not be able to visit you at your clinic.
  • Text consultations:Your patients also have the option of following up with you through text-based consultations on the web or mobile app.

Other benefits

  • Saves time for both you and your patients
  • Saves costs
  • Regular virtual follow-ups
  • Additional source of revenue
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