Logistics Delivery App


Getting your products or services from supplier to consumer is the primary aim of business logistics. It involves everything from wholesalers and suppliers to manufacturing, storage, and delivery to customers. It is essential for every business owner to have a good logistics system to support his business as well as to make sure that he is maximizing profits and can give consumers the most useful consumption experience possible. Logistics are the bridge between the point of origin and point of consumption. Any mistake in between may create a significant change in the business as well as in the economy.

Hence, professional logisticians can come ahead and create their own on demand logistics application to help people in business maximize their profits as well as yours.

On Demand Logistics App


You can interact with people in business with the help of your own logistics application. For using our app for logistics your clients will have to enter their data, create a profile, log in and search for a logistics company of their choice and needs. The logistics that are near to your location will come in contact with the client, and the client can mention the kind of service that they require.

Logisticians can now help and improve their business by creating their own on demand logistics app with the assistance of RKTPL. RKTPL helps in the various on demand logistics app development for users and thus supports the people to meet their needs more smartly.Our app for logistics can smoothen the gap between production and consumption and uplift businesses in the society.

Features of Logistics On Demand App

Referral System

User can easy refer the app to their Friends & Relative to get the better Services.

Multiple Payment Options

The payment can be done with the help of Cash, cards, and payment gateways.

100% Customizable

Our app is easy to customize according to your requirement, region

Multilanguage & Currency

Manipulate the app in Multi-Languages & Multi-Currency

Creative Design

The Design of our apps are unique and theme BASED

Book Now or Schedule

You can instant book the order / Services, else Schedule them at comfortable Time

Real Time Tracking

user can easy trak the requested services / order

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