Portable GSM Network System

Portable GSM Network System

The RK Telesystem’s Portable GSM Network System is a compact, portable, low power 3GPP compliant complete GSM Network in a Box.

The RK Telesystem’s Portable GSM Network System  “brings your own portable cellular system solution” delivering voice , data, and SMS over a 1-8 km cell capable of supporting any standard GSM mobile device.

It combines the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), Base Station Controller (BSC), and Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in a single compact enclosure.  The Portable GSM Network System also includes solar panels and a battery backup.

The  Portable GSM Network System is designed for rapid deployment in applications such as disaster recovery. It will operate as a standalone system, with its integrated core services network, and can connect to backhaul over any standard IP based network for wide connectivity.  It is low power and has a low logistics footprint. It is rapidly deployable, man portable, can be vehicle mounted, or statically deployed in fixed or temporary locations.

 Portable GSM Solar Powered Site

 Portable GSM Network-in a Box



The Portable GSM Network System is designed to support four frequency bands 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz. It includes two TRXs that supports 2 x 5W or 1 x 10W configurations. The Portable GSM Network System supports voice data, and SMS. It supports all standard speech codecs GSM-FR/HR, AMR-FR/HR, and EFR and allows for 30/15 concurrent callers.

The Portable GSM Network System provides a solution that integrates the MSC, BSC, and BTS. into a portable, compact and lightweight system. It is designed to be carried in a portable case to disaster recovery areas and the overall weight of the product is around 30Kg. The system can be powered through grid or off-grid and the solution includes both AC source and solar panels with a battery backup. The Portable GSM Network System is low power and consumes 65W of power during operation.

The system is passively cooled during operation and is designed to operate from -20°C to +55°C, and humidity up to 95%. It is enclosed in an IP-67 rated portable case.

Key Features

  • Compact, light, low power ETSI/3GPP compliant GSM solution
  • Integrated MSC, BSC, and BTS
  • Integrated solar panels and battery backup
  • One touch auto configuration for operation of the BTS, BSC, and MSC
  • Configuration interface to pre-provision SIMs
  • Allows mobile phones, from different operators, within range to connect and use the local network
  • Automatic shutdown of integrated BSC and MSC when connected with an external MSC

Technical Specifications


  • Dual TRX capacity
  • TX output power can be configured for 2 x 37 dBm or 1 x 40 dBm
  • Static RX sensitivity to -110 dBm
  • 850, 900, 1800, or 1900 MHz band
  • GPRS CS 1-4, EDGE MCS 1-9
  • GPRS/EDGE Multislot classes 1-12
  • Uplink power control
  • 30 Concurrent calls (TCH/H on 15 timeslots)


  • AC/ Solar power input
  • Optional RJ45 for WAN connectivity
  • Two N-type female GSM antenna


  • Power Input
    • AC Power
    • Solar Panel
  • Output – 24V
    • Sealed lead acid battery
  • Input voltage range +/- 10%
  • Input noise/ripple < 2%
  • Power consumption < 80Watts

Physical and Environmental

  • Weight < 100 Lbs
  • Dimension
  • Dust and water protection IP-67
  • Operating range -20°C to +55°C
  • Storage range -40°C to +75°C
  • Operating humidity up to 95%

Where it Works

Portal GSM Network System is a complete voice and data solution that helps mobile operators reach rural & remote markets profitably.It is completely solar powered and optimized for remote locations, Islands and at sea.Mobile operators can build profitable businesses serving low- ARPU users.Our offered GSM technology is commercially deployed worldwide and we may share references if needed.

Countries of operations and operators