Telecom Division

Telecom Division

Telecom Division is a unique division as it has the capability of providing both Telecom and Enterprise Networking Solutions for Wireless and Wireline Infrastructures.Telecom Division is a major supplier of turnkey solutions and masters all service activities from network design & planning upto installation and training during the system deployment with extensive range of support for the whole operational service life.

Whether you are planning to build a new cellular data and voice network, looking to solve unique or complex challenges in an existing voice or data environment, trying to reduce costs and increase profits of a legacy network, or attempting a specialized cellular project, making the right choice on a technology partner to work with can determine the success of your project.

A few specific challenges among many:

New/Rural Network Deployments – Your organization has spectrum and your customers are calling for you to offer wireless services. How do you deploy a cost effective network and still offer a full complement of services? Do you need to leverage satellite backhaul?

Public Safety Broadband Networks – Your organization needs highly portable deployable systems to extend your network coverage to remote and rural areas. You’re also looking to ensure that you have a communications network restoration plan in the event of a disaster which might disable equipment and power systems.

Specialized Networks – Building a remote deployed network for a cruise ship or in a remote area of the world where the backhaul requirements are challenging.

Enterprise Scenarios – On your offsite work areas or on shipping vessels, your employees need an effective way to stay in touch with family back home, so you need to deploy a cellular network with full voice and data services.

Whatever your specific network challenge, RK Telesystem can help you discover innovative ways to enable the right solution for your network challenges. By partnering with RK Telesystem, we’ll not only find you the smartest solution, but also one that meets your total cost of ownership challenges too.

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Strategic Electronics Division

Strategic Electronics Division

Strategic Electronics Division is a leading independent distributor & representative of electronic components, power supplies and other systems with more than 16 years of industry experience. Our extensive product range, combined with our unsurpassed product knowledge, enables us to provide the greatest depth of products and highest level of service to our customers.

An industry innovator, the company & its division provides the fullest range of products and procurement services for the Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Telecom and Medical electronics manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Strategic Electronics Division handles products through 5 Product Specific Groups with independent and dedicated sales & application/support team.

  • Our Specialization is for low volume prototype design-in need and support for bulk volume requirement with Special Prices from manufacturers.
  • Technical Assistance for Components suitability for your design requirements and provide application data for usage.
  • Quick paid/free sampling
  • Indian Rupee sales support for R&D needs
  • Test Report/Certificate of Conformance provision for materials delivered for Military and Aerospace parts.

We relentlessly pursue consistency in our product offering. All of our lines are synergistic in order to minimize potential conflicts. If unforeseen discrepancies arise, we inform both principals and negotiate an agreeable solution.

We offer the following additional services:

  • Competitive pricing and cost-effective substitutes provided by our technical sales staff
  • Global sourcing of hard-to-find, obsolete components

Our expertise covers components, power conversion products and subsystems used in Space, Military, Nuclear, Railway and Telecommunication industries.

Strategic Electronics Division and its associated companies offer a wide range of components and sub-systems and are categorized as:


Software and IT Division

Software and IT Division

The Software and IT Division helps customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services and to make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us.

We function as a full stakeholder to business, offering a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology led solutions that encompass the entire Enterprise value chain. Our Customer-centric Engagement Model defines how we do engage with you, offering specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of your business.

Our domain expertise has been built upon decades of experience working across industries and this knowledge underpins our suite of solutions.

Our organization structure is domain led and empowered to help provide Customers a single window to industry specific solutions. Agile industry units have embedded capabilities to enable rapid responses that provide a competitive edge to our Customers.

We have made significant investments in design & development of Digital platforms for various verticals and we have built business intelligence applications which can boost the performance and productivity of any organization. These applications work on any devices and very very responsive.

Software & IT Division and its associated companies offer a wide range of products & solutions and are categorized as: